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A short midget dragon no more than 4ft. Alittle violent at times but as a hatching I was lied to my entire life so eh if I'm a little... prickish about things. Don't like me =3 well Grrr for you.
Besides that I like soccer, anime, drawing(sucky beginner), and if you cant tell of the profile alot more of things ;) along with that, hanging with those I do trust such as Screech, Scepter, Metallic, Gia, and my children (rescued and blood) BweBwu, LittleDragon, Grarra and Grorra.
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    Blissle Strai Dismal
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Loving it
Keep at it ^^, I love this comic <3.
Caught up and noticed lack comments =<, this comic deserves more comments.
The last one!!!!!
I've seen that and loved it so much and only now I find the source?!?! Now I know who to thank for my screensaver.
And having a good week off anyone =)?
Don't know about you guys
But monster houses meant boost xp for me =3 then again was a riolu and had wide slash and dark pulse =|
Hehe question
How long have you been doing this and what "techniques" do you use cus this is awesome
I love the picture
It makes me sad
Really does to see it end this way =(