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i like everything sort of =^.^= and i dunt like to be mean or curse and such. It seems vulgur :/ i also like to draw and think about stuff like rainbows and junk :33 i like to double mouth smiley's too!
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Pr. Oak
Is that a Death Note:?
His Hands
Dial looks like he has two right hands can someone explain this to me QmQ <:?
my work
at my work(mcdonalds home of the fatty fats[im not fat bot gosh do i love nuggets]anyways) my boss is really nice but i have a sad worry striken face so she told me to smile more and so in spite of her i did smil; as creepy as possible i might add. then by the end of the day my uncomfortable smile faded and i was just looking like a hello im friendly face still though its no fun and wow this comment is long :o0
hahaha omygosh feed my ex!!
August 12th, 2012
that really killed the mood X33
this comic should have more fans i didnt think id like it but then i read it and im like"hoo hoo not so bad"
his hair reminds me of a certain hipster from a webcomic called homestuck :33
so fancy :33
August 5th, 2012
the final straw
THATS IT i cant stand it i gotta post a comment just to tell you i love this comicand im on like the 10th page wow its so cute :33
oh my gosh im ugly crying right now this is so sad :<
dory's face!!
dory's face in the first panel i was like aww dory you adorable pervert!!<3 then in the second panel im like aww you pervert!!!!
just earlier today my friend and i were talking about heartattacks in a cup diabetes in a cup and y'know other diseases in various containers :33
Chakin :33
D'awww chakin is the cutest tomato i ever did see!!
what the....?!
i wouldn't know i've never seen a scapegoat ass?!?!
his hoodie
his hoodie looks like dave's godtier from homestuck?is it??
ahaha i was thinking that his "my lord" thng sounded familiar X3
haha =^.^=
okay i have three things to say 1: Omyglub elliot is so cute 2:hahaha the snake guy's lisp makes as sound like ass and 3:in the last comic page with the blanket and the knife is gnash a magician :3
=^.^= ~<3
oh what a lovely way to wake up
just wondering
wtf is the show he's watching its.... strange o.e >:?