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Hi, hope you enjoy my work and please leave a comment.
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Hey everyone, I'm finally back. Well, I actually never left, I'm just slow. A crazy job and school and a baby on the way will do that to you I suppose. Anywho, enjoy!
Seeya later Lucifer. Now all there is to do is escape. Easy right?
Okay, I'm home from Guatemala just in time to go to Colombia so the next update may be a bit delayed. I hope you enjoy the cliffhanger.
Whew... Here we go, now to the fun part.
Let's find out what's behind door number 1!
Here we go, almost to the fancy stuff.
I'm back again! All moved in, set up, let's do this thing!
Wooooo! Back again! I will try to be more diligent in my comic duties from here on out. I have a question for all of you. If Remedy were to be published, would you rather see it as: an American comic (full size pages with color, about 1 chapter per issue) or Manga style (half size grayscale pages, about 4 chapters per issue)? Let me know and thanks for reading =)
@inubasket: He just might be mine too, at least so far...
Okay, finally safe, but they aren't out of the castle yet.
More fun fog flying fantastic adventures to come so stay tuned.
@inubasket: Sorry for my slowness. I will try to get the next page up faster, I actually already have it inked. I just need to scan it now and such. Anyway Helen is 15 and is actually from a village near where Astrid was born. Later in the story a friend of hers will be introduced.
Okay, tried the fog a little thicker. 7 layers actually. Sounds like a burrito...
@bbqbert: Sorry, I don't update as often as I should. I will try to not get distracted. Oh and thanks for the advice. It will help with pages to come.
I was going for fog in the last panel, but I'm not too sure of it... Please tell me what you all think of it.
@bbqbert: Thanks a ton. The next chapter goes a bit digital, so I hope you still like it. It varies a bit because I wanted to experiment with color and such, but now I think I found what I want. You really praise me too much, it might go to my head. Thanks for reading. =)
I'm gonna guess 1,4,and 5 last May.
@bbqbert: You picked a good time to start reading because of where the story is at right now. Nothing guaranteed though. I'ts a long story and well... who knows how it will end? So glad you like it. This is the third comment (actually third person) that this comic has ever got on this site. Thanks for reading.
Wow, enter the villain. Blood splatters included!
@bbqbert: Thanks, this is one of the older pages. The style changes a couple times, but still has the same basics, so I hope you continue to like it.