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The Headmaster
Ex public school headmaster, likes very little, prefer to see children rather than hear them. Campaign leader for the return of flogging in schools.
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    Marmaduke Squeers
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Take 100 lines Mr Pope
Repeat 100 times
"I must put the ;i; in merciless in the correct place."
To be handed in by Friday.
Yum Yum
Cedric and Fred are drooling, the news comes just in time to put off the events depicted above, we hope !!!!!!
They request offerings of the new intake are left easily accessible for them, perhaps pickled in Sodium and Chlorine with a bottle of Shoggy and Virus Snowflake on the side.
Well Cedric is dumb
I told them both it was G.E.M, but there you are, when I catch them they will be sorry, I have no idea what they are up to now are there any reports of snotty year 7's going missing or sheep for that matter (they eat anything)?.
Grandparents are good things easy to get ones own way with. The Doctor is very quiet, maybe Cedric has already found his way to his first meal. A warning, Cedric and Fred seem to prefer brains that are bloated with knowledge (and biscuits). Are not G.E.M. and EMUNK one and the same, maybe I should help Cedric and Fred find this person to protect myself rather than try to catch them ?
The Headmaster
Lunch is
Just a couple of Inverness first years, they won't be missed,Cedric is partial to to snacking, that is why I am worried he and Fred are missing, the rest are nicely caged up.
Oh well
Oh well I will finish this off then, or maybe just leave it half done.
You finish It
Now Egor is gone I'm much more mellow (it might be the medication Doctor).
After an attack by Virus Snowflakes the Headmaster borrows a Lolly from Dr F. but what will the seeds turn into ?
Egor is Gone
I have corner and disposed of Egor. You will hear from him no more. He fought bravely but in vain, his last request was I offer you the Truce once again. This I do, what say you, foreward as allies in memory of Egor.
The Headmaster
I make an Offer
I cannot tell a lie I am he, your astutness is scarey maybe I shall not destroy you and Doctor Formaldehyde and all the rest of your coven, yet!!
The thought of your previously threatened "snowflakes" is worrying. I ask for a truce, if you prevail on the doctor to call off Egor I will stay my wrath. I have urgent matter's to attend to in other places, I will look for a response in 5 days hence, a word of advice to you all "beware of the dark places of the mind" until I can call back my nightmare wraiths.
Sweets are Forbiden
I shall not tell you twice, sweets of any sort are not allowed. I turn my back for a few days and I find these comics are developing into subversive material which is intended to undermine the existing order. WE WILL RETAIN CONTROL.
The Headmaster