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Just a girl who loves anime/manga and Japanese culture.
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Going based off of Bettencourt here... but if this is a nightmare, either Kim's gonna be horrifying looking on the next page, or Kylee's tattoo is going to come to life and try to eat him.

lol, probably nothing that drastic, but I still think it's a dream
Well, that woke him up
I think Kaoru knows what's going on with Naoto and his brother. Or at least has a feeling about it...
X3 First
Oh god lol... Naoto! Calm down! Shizu is going to think you're crazy (if he doesn't already lol)
YAY! Finally ^^ Been waiting so anxiously for this to start back up again, welcome back!
Oh dear... this can go either really bad or become really funny. I'm nervous but really looking forward to what happens next!
My guess was that you were in a rush on this page lol...
"Wow... You look good IN those clothes."
"Ah... Don't change THE subject!"
"Sorry... Got SIDETRACKED."

"Alex, did you GIVE the seal of trust to Andrew?"

"Please Mom. You can't tell Robin. It was my FAULT."

"But you can't just leave her in the DARK like this"

those are your typos, if Yasha.Queen's explanation isn't entirely clear lol. Great page though!
I know everyone's mad at Kimerik for shoving Kylee out of the way like that, but.. Kylee was also sitting right in front of the horse's legs, and if you've ever seen a horse get up when they've been on their side, they flail their legs quite a bit. If Kimerik hadn't pushed Kylee away, he could've been kicked. But that's just my observations on it! But I have a feeling he's not going to be nice about that water pipe. Poor Kylee...
He killed Christian?! B-but... I liked Christian too... That's not cool! Poor Christian...

What a plot twist! I did not see that coming at all
Lol something I just noticed? It's been almost a year since Kaidou left on his month-long business trip XD

But yeah, Kaidou's definitely going to take advantage of that picture of Aki in his uniform, I can tell. That little blush on his cheeks doesn't lie! And /damn/ Kaidou looks sexy in that last panel... Aki's a lucky guy.
I love how I download the magazine every time this comic updates, but I choose to read it here lol...

I soooo want that to be Shizu! But I know it won't be... Shizu is the better match for him! Kaoru would be a better match for Chris, I honestly think, and I have a feeling that Naoto might know that something isn't quite right with this Kuro. Kind of like how he reacted when he first saw Kaoru in Carpediem! He thought he was a completely different person, so it could happen again.
whoa... what's with all the Imageshack things? that's a bit strange...
but I'm so excited this story finally updated! I've been wanting to know what's going to happen during this.. and it's so exciting seeing Hiro's wings again <3
Well! I already figured the earrings were what protected them from the executioner, since at the beginning they said it was a requirement to have pierced ears to work there, but I was not expecting them to be made of Oliver's blood! That's a pretty cool twist...
September 4th, 2014
grrrr... It's clear that he's firing Aki because he's gay, which is /completely/ illegal, but if Aki tries to do anything about it, the Director can just say he fired him because he allowed his scar to be seen, since it was part of his contract that he should cover it at all times. Bastard... but! Aki doesn't need him anyway. The last thing he should do is have to work for a prick like that, so he's better off somewhere else, where people won't care what he does in /private/! I liked the idea in one of the other comments, where they said that Aki should start up his own daycare and put this s#!t out of business, I'm totally for that. Hopefully it'll happen! Oh! And Hisawa and... the girl (can't remember her name lol) should totally quit and go join him if it does.

Also, is it a bad thing that I want Aki to punch this guy and knock him on his ass?
August 31st, 2014
I have a feeling the director already knew about Aki's scar. Something like that, even if the circumstance was out of Aki's hands, if hidden from your employer, is grounds for termination. And the way he mentioned it was so casual, like "oh, yeah, they noticed your scar too, which was somewhat concerning" instead of asking him what the scar was or how he got it. And really, I don't think the director wants to fire him, but if mothers are threatening to remove their kids from the daycare, they're going to lose business, and in the long run, it would hurt everyone. His hands are kind of tied here, unfortunately, but I wish he'd show /some/ sympathy, sheesh... Poor Aki looks like he's about to cry...
August 9th, 2014
Okay, now it's something to worry about. And this does actually make sense for them to be nervous, because he did get that scar in a fight. But I'm guessing the reason why he wears make-up to cover it isn't because of the kids, but because he was worried how the parents would react. At least they're being reasonable now, though I'm still worried he could lose his job...

Also! I know it's not a funny page, but I had to laugh a little when Sachiko said Akemi is being unreasonable and homophobic, and Akemi said "Hey!!" like she was all offended. That was good stuff

P.S. Lovely new banner! :3
August 7th, 2014
oy... If this gets as bad as I think it's going to get, Aki's going to lose his job at the daycare over these pictures... And here I had been thinking that she was paparazzi and was going to mistake Aki for Ryuuta and then cause a scandal for him "being in love" with his bodyguard. But this, somehow, is even worse than that. Poor Aki... his coworkers will understand, but idk how it's going to go over. Hopefully we find out soon, the suspense is killing me!
...This could turn out really bad. If this mother continues on her rampage, other mothers will find out about his sexuality (which is supposed to be /private/!) and they won't want their kids around him either. Aoki will probably not be returning to the daycare center, and if that happens, and the other mothers who she will no doubt tell start doing it, Aki could lose his job. All over something simple as kissing his boyfriend in public... What a bitch.
Gah... I have a really bad sinking feeling that Oliver is going to die... ;~;