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I can go by many names, and I keep my real name secret. Words hold power, and that’s something I believe strongly. I was born on 1997, but Mexico’s nostalgic ambient made me grow among things older than me. I’m a major in Animation and Digital Art.
My goal is to create videogames with great stories, art and music, to share my ideals and beliefs in a way you can live them.
But THIS doesn’t define me.
My birthname is my father’s and his before him. People can have my skills. Fandoms aren’t built over one person. None of this defines me. ALL OF THIS DEFINES ME, and more. Dancing after beating a game, chatting with my friends, even spinning on a swivel chair. It’s all me and more. But in a few words…
I am I.
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    Charles Jones
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Maybe they could act as if them dating was an everyday ocurrance. People wouldn't flip out as much, because not even THEY are making a big deal of it. Just...go with it like its normal
And we'll all miss the comic popping up in notifications. This was a good comic, and I thank you for staying
what's explorers continent name?
Try kissanime
December 23rd, 2015
Awesome! My first drought surviving! Thanks for the early page.
Also, the house looks well drawn.
Ok, has anyone considered the possibility that Rudy is demiromantic? Like, 'dudes look yummy but if you're awesome I'll date the hell outta you'?
Um, Jocelyne? I was reading the cast page and it's a teeny bit outdated...Emily is apparently straight, Rain's sexuality is unknown, stuff like that. Y'know, if you want to do something small as an update.
Well, it CAN be a phase, but it can also NOT be a phase. It's pretty much a Schrodinger's child, so I'll go with their flow and they will show.
@Gigi19972010: I welcome the drawing style, and I feel it's improved from the other anniversaries. The storyline was not convoluted enough to be like a final Ace Attorney case, but not even I know how they plan it, though the victim being dead and coming back is something new and good enough (I hope we find out why eventually). The only thing that still irks me is that they did a trial this time and never again. But there must be a reason too. Overall, good chapter.
BTW, I think Kirby's last line would be "Wh-Why did he never tell me about that".
Water turns the stars made of fire off
Yeah, that would do for the most unexpected plot twist ever. Kinda like an inverse Sixth Sense.
I think it'd be easier for everyone if Adeleine's mind wasn't so fuzzy in so many relevant parts.
Take the break, chill out
happy birthday
throw a rock at your cake to get your wish
Oh, something tells me i'm gonna LOVE this
and technically he's dead, so not the second greatest dimensional traveler "alive"
it happened again
August 2nd, 2015
Rude Forte planning his first step on betrayal: horrid puns
Dude, Chatty Dee's speech box is connected to Aile Dee.
I now know what project M means, but theres also the Project M thats a ssbb hack.