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A digital artist that occasionally makes comics.

Well that's the short version. I started this account back when I was in High School. I now work full-time as an animator and am trying to make time to get back into comic making.

The Color Red was originally started as a way for me to practice and get better at writing and drawing comics (When I was in High School) It's updates will continue to be sporadic, but hopefully I plan on unveiling a new comic soon.

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Insta: @lindsayfosho
@Icefall: Thank you so much! It's nice to hear you like the comic and how you stumbled on it. I don't really much promote it anymore but it's nice when new readers stop by. :)
Been Awhile
I'm curious how many readers still follow this old thing. I'm fond of it and liked working on this little page. Are people interested in seeing me continue this comic?
Do you get it? Cus Adam also can mean. . .

It was a lame joke.
@zachface: Yes! I have the first chapter written out and have a page in the queue now. Updates tend to be every month or so though. I'm trying to get on a better schedule but it's tough. (I'm also totally a fan of Son of Sam so I'm kind of dying that you commented on this)
I recently upgraded to a better computer and realized the colors I have been using are really saturated for these pages. I've also realized that I am okay with this.
And now we're getting somewhere.
And in today's edition of things nobody asked for but you're getting anyway. An update.
*Gasp* Could it really be? An update?
And here we have a new character! A bit of info about her has been added to the character tab on the website.
I'll let them do all the talking.
Guess who's back.
Back again.
There's lasers and explosions. That's whats going on.
I mean, these delivery companies have to drop packages in the middle of nowhere all the time, right?
I imagine notifications in the future, will be just as annoying and ill-timed as they are now.
Teenage girls these days. Thinking their always the center of attention.
In which honesty is not always the best policy?
Something new!
And experimenting as always. Tried writing out the sound effects this time. Will most likely continue to do so!
Love Alice's face in that last panel.
Last of the Backlog
Last of the pages that have already been online at my Devart:

From here on out, everything else will be new and up to date!

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Still Backlog
Still backlog of comic pages from:

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Still Backlog
Still backlog of comic pages from:

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