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August 20th, 2014
Ahhh yes >.< I had thought since they were talking about puberty and the like, that she was looking for blood or such. Well, its nice to be reassured its only getting ready for bed. If anything, as a suggestion, I may think about the pupil placement, the direction of where she's looking. Maybe just cast her eyes to the side if anything.
Hello~! My first time commenting here >.> but anyway, these pages are lovely and they do flow very nice, their pace fitting the mood. The Lauren bit was a bit confusing as you had said though(for me, personally. I can't speak for others). I had at first thought she had misjudged where Louis was looking and just figured "Oh, maybe it was her because of the past" or such, but I started to understand with the pages after it.

Also, I love this page so much! <3 It's very similar to something I'm going through, and the words used can really match with a lot of my own feelings :D
ahhh! these two are just toooooo adorable. I love their innocent happiness they have together with just their regular interactions~ I really loved the hot sexy scenes, but I'm able to appreciate these just as much~
I'm glad chibichan is finally back! I was wondering where he went~
Ugh, for some reason Matt just seems really hot to me in the last panel <3
probably inappropriate for this situation BUT IT'S TRUE
Cute! I loved the short story! ^^ and Happy Thanksgiving!!
I love the note btw ;D
OuO those wings... so beautiful
I love the art so much! ^^ and I personally think this comic should have waaayy more fans >.>