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Out of my friends, I'm the Dreamer. I dream up new ideas almost every day. But I lack the focus needed to make those dreams a reality. So I need a lot of help to make my comics. Due to a traumatic experience I had with a forum, I no longer have the confidence to sprite things on my own. So I'm always on the the lookout for top tier artists who can help me with my comics.
If you ever feel stumped about what to do for your comic, feel free to ask me and I throw some suggestions your way.
I might come off as a little rude sometimes but I mean well.
I come off even ruder in instant messagers so please don't invite me to those.
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Picture quality is a bit off because it was the only way to drop image size.
@Lady Lynette Knuckles doesn't know that it's tails. Mellisa is just what she's going by for people who don't know she's tails.
Does anyone I know even still check this site?
3 years.
3 years to get 2 hours worth of work done.
I was near ready to give up on this several times just because how long it took.
I might one day find someone willing to draw for my other comics but for this series at least, I'll be sticking to the sprited style, since most sprites I have will get the most use here.
Please don't be afraid to comment on the story or the characters introduced.
Who wants roast chicken?
I feel sorry for anything under Angel Island when the sewers emptied out.
She really needs to stop doing that.
I love how little Tails cares for manners.
Wait, PART of the rascals? Is she not the leader?
So she has the same skills as emerl? Makes Sense.
Normally I'd expect mina to be singing "Lookalike" or "You can do anything"
Oh gods, Emerl has HK-47's speaking pattern, I just realized.
Honey's depiction in these comics seems to have inspired someone at archie...
Bean probably questions the existance of those movies too...
@OGamma: Don't feel too bad, we haven't done much either. I've been busy trying to revive my other comics and even thats not getting done.
I'm starting to think making a chatroom page for this comic might not be such a bad idea, atleast to give us a way to discuss what needs to get done...
@AkumaTh: Really? The only thing I couldn't get to on MFZ through the wayback machine was insonicnia.
So what happened to Gamma cream?
looking good. Might get around to the follow up soon.
@TrainPhantom16: I think he's using british grammar. And he's speaking in exposision. Probably a mix of those two.
Going to be hard to follow up on this unless we have sprites of ed in the lab coat.
@Spar Elric: I know, but I don't want you drawing areas that aren't sprited yet. Otherwise I'd have to try to match your I'll never be satisfied with them if I try to do that.
I like that idea, edward interating with the Urse twins feels like a good opurtunity for humor.