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@Shadowfan0X97 But I don't think this is "so good". Plus, I really don't like this so there's need for a positive comment. Accept the critism and try to improve.
@Shadowfan0X97 I did. If there is only positive comments are allowed then how are you going to improve?
@Shadowfan0X97 But I only gave critism. Plus, I didn't insult you, so I have nothing to apologize for.
@Shadowfan0X97 I don't care. I just saying I didn't understand it and I didn't like it. Then I saw how imature you were thinking the critism they gave you was insults. I tried. Syeed, I'm sorry if I offended in anyway.
@Shadowfan0X97 You decided to make this comic which made Cevina critize which made you take it like an insult. Learn how to grow up.
@Shadowfan0X97 Exactly, why am I a faggot? I don't like the comic. This is funny. You're already failing to insult me. Good luck at banning me. It'll mean you're a pantsy.
@blitz5000 I don't give a crap. @lolk A man would accept critism (sorry for my spelling).
@Shadowfan 1. Your grammar doesn't make sense. 2. I'm not fearing a ban. I'll looking at how you ban people for saying the comic is bad. 3. If you can't accept that someone says the comic is bad, then you sir, are not a man.
This doesn't make sense to me. I'm not trying to troll but this doesn't make sense. And you if ban me, why? I'm only giving critism. Plus, why is Shadow's heart his balls?
@Hydra: Gasp! A human sprite! We're more familar with sonic characters! HATE HATE