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All I have to say is good bye and good luck. And thanks for this comic, as it's helped me come to terms with my own sexuality. Even though it's all over, I still want to keep it in my favourites. It's been too great reading your comics not to keep it.
This is absolutely how stories are made.
@Falconer: Ahhhh, yes. I try to avoid it and stick to OpenOffice, personally. OuO
@Tijopi11: Try using OpenOffice! It automatically saves for you, accepts almost all other word documents, and will even convert your files into other formats, including Microsoft Word. It's saved me so much work, school and personal, because of its recovery feature. So even if it crashes, chances are you won't lose everything. Best part? It's free. ^^
This is true. ^^
Try to comfort other people, sorry. X) But yeah, there's definitely a lot of factors influencing whether you're a huggy person. (Oddly enough, both my parents were fairly touchy-feely and huggy, so I'm not sure where my aversion lies.)
I wouldn't completely blame an aversion to physical contact on asexuality, to be honest. I'm bisexual and have the exact same problem! XD I always try, though, and I've been told that trying at least does a little bit to help.

*adds FaraXVincent to the shipping wall*
I know those feels
Whenever someone asks I'm like 'well, there's people. And they have hair. And they're cool. Uh, there's a bad guy and a good guy. Yup. That's my story hope you read it.'
For a second there I thought Milotic's tail was a hat he was wearing. O.O XD
My boyfriend would also be envious of where you live. XD He's all about the darker skinned folk, even if he isn't one himself. It's a cute little quirk he has.
Ha, ha, I know exactly what Miriam means! Unfortunately, I never could get the hang of good present tense writing. However, this came out really well. I liked the colour on the text boxes, too. A subtle, calm colour, but effective all the same.
Ha, ha, I don't think I'd try and memorize it even for a test! ^^' Wayyyy too much. XD
Eye Twitch
I was staring at this too long, trying to make all the connections and find anyone I recognized and... My brain hurts. Your family is huge! I can't name anyone beyond aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great-grandparents! I mean... Wow, this is really...
I hit the end... I am deeply saddened by this. Love your comic so far, though! *instafave*
I would love to go to the ocean... It'd be simply marvelous... *puts on bucket list*
Difference? There's a difference?
It's all about the charm, my good sir! My own father is the same way, always the centre of attention when he's with friends. =P Some people are just born that way, whether they like it or not. I inherited from my dad, though I can't say I like it. x)

Also, Connor's right: Pretty people get a lot of attention. The fact that Brad is both attractive and charming just seals the deal!

And have a great vacation!
That's okay! I completely understand where you're coming from. And personally, I don't think anyone can help being shallow. As long as they're not rude about it, I don't mind, either.

Good luck with your own relationship, and thanks!