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Fatal here. Story teller, artist, procrastinator extraordinaire!
All I have to say is good bye and good luck. And thanks for this comic, as it's helped me come to terms with my own sexuality. Even though it's all over, I still want to keep it in my favourites. It's been too great reading your comics not to keep it.
September 15th, 2015
I'm having a lot of trouble uploading this for some reason.

But hey, at least it's done on time!
I suck sorry. Trying to get this back on track.
Instead of a comic page, have my poor attempts at making up for my absence with some much needed family ref for Jon. They're appearing in the page I'm supposed to be drawing, so I kinda needed it. -3-

Sorry for the absence. orz I'm trying to script pages draw pages, and also work on other novels and stories all at the same time, so I'm kinda all over the place. I'm going to really try and get back into the groove now that I'm finishing up the first draft of my major story.

Also Borderlands punched me in the gut as far as my ability to draw and write anything not BL AU related goes.
I'm out of buffer pages. My life is over.
This is absolutely how stories are made.
I really suck at this updating on time thing.
Alright, here's the new page. Next update will be on the 25th!
A little bonus pic of my two idiots doing what they do best.
The next page is consistent with my current style. I had a rocky start to these first couple of pages and there was quite a bit of time between their creation.
Here we go, finally decided to put this on Smackjeeves! I'll be updating the next couple pages tomorrow and the day after, and then the a new page on the 15th. After that, my goal is to update on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of each month.
@Falconer: Ahhhh, yes. I try to avoid it and stick to OpenOffice, personally. OuO
@Tijopi11: Try using OpenOffice! It automatically saves for you, accepts almost all other word documents, and will even convert your files into other formats, including Microsoft Word. It's saved me so much work, school and personal, because of its recovery feature. So even if it crashes, chances are you won't lose everything. Best part? It's free. ^^
This is true. ^^
Try to comfort other people, sorry. X) But yeah, there's definitely a lot of factors influencing whether you're a huggy person. (Oddly enough, both my parents were fairly touchy-feely and huggy, so I'm not sure where my aversion lies.)
I wouldn't completely blame an aversion to physical contact on asexuality, to be honest. I'm bisexual and have the exact same problem! XD I always try, though, and I've been told that trying at least does a little bit to help.

*adds FaraXVincent to the shipping wall*
I know those feels
Whenever someone asks I'm like 'well, there's people. And they have hair. And they're cool. Uh, there's a bad guy and a good guy. Yup. That's my story hope you read it.'
For a second there I thought Milotic's tail was a hat he was wearing. O.O XD