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I was raised by cats where I was intravenously fed Iced Coffee.

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Whoa, what an update. Beautifully rendered!
January 30th, 2015
I love the border-less panels, haha!

And I actually made an audible "blegh" sound when I saw that guy feeding that girl. How gross!

Just...wash your freaking hands!
This is priceless. Keep up the awesome work!
I'm really liking the updated pages, and can't wait for more! This is truly a great comic, and I hope you don't give up on it!

I love the scenes where Louis has those demeaning thoughts, because I can really relate to them.
I have a severe anxiety disorder, so "episodes," such as what he's experiencing aren't uncommon for me. I actually had to hold back from crying while reading the most recent one.

If I ever needed to show someone, in pictures, what was going on in my head, I'd show them this comic.

Wonderfully done, keep it up!
I'm loving your comic, it's so unique!
Keep up the good work!
I really love this Nuzlocke so far! You have a cute style, keep up the good work!

Ohh..I love Warrior to pieces, you've rekindled my love for the Weedle family. : D
You're welcome! It's not everyday you see a neat Zombie BL comic, and with an eye catching, unique style too!

Keep at it!
Of all the comics I watch, I'm always excited to see this one update. :)
Hmm...I have a feeling that's his twin brother, and that he somehow turned into the Executioner....
This is only the first of many gravity induced events...XD

(Read the news section of this comic if you haven't already!)
Yeah, apparently there wasn't a problem with my iPad, I'm just stupid...XD

Yeah, another unfunny comic.....XD

But seriously, Jack (the cat on this page), has a glowing's disturbing...
I had the next page all lined up a few days ago...and then the app I use to do my'd be a great update if I could actually work on my comic pages.

I'm so sorry, until this bug is fixed (which shouldn't be too long), I'm unable to update! I REALLY WANT TO, SERIOUSLY!
Not the funniest, but yeah....cats...XD

My cat, Mac, makes his appearance on the first page, yay!
Agh, the suspense!

Anyway, I like your style, it certainly isn't crappy!
That's okay, I like snails. :3

XDDD "fucker"

Why is that so funny?!
Those are some sexy zombie boobs.
Did...did his zombie-friend just die-die? :(

So sad.
Aww, she's so cute!