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I'm an aspiring Mangaka.
I'm touched ; u ;
Such a good short story..
I love you Kiku-san♥♥
SO cute so sweet!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥
@chi-ire: Traditional ^^
Thank you for reading!!!! <3<3<3
He's cool *A*
@Andrea C.Castro: awww~~~ thank you for your concern~~ >u< I'm fine,, I already finished the chapter 1 and 2 but I can't update fast because I don't have a scanner TT^TT I'm poor~~~~...
Thank you for reading "My Rival, My Lover"
I appreciate all the comments and fav >u<
I'll upload the pages soon~~..

Characters are:
Baby Daniel >3<

where's Nathan?
@Andrea C.Castro: I will~~~~♥♥ Thank you!!
@Fuchs: thank you
@Izumi Hikaru:

waaa~~~ don't get so down.. you're young and your good ^^ When I'm on your age I don't draw good like you, And i don't have originality back then.. I'll always draw the character from the anime I like. >.< And your more creative than me.. And your works were original .. I think you will be a good mangaka in the future and I'll wait for that ^^..
waaa... i love your manga >u< can't wait to see what happens next..
will update soon~~~~
Hope you like the manga!
If you have questions feel free to ask!!
I would be happy to answer..
\(^u^)/ Chapter one is near to it's close..
And her heart beat for Daniel's stare ~~~ X3
@momoismyname: Thank you ♥♥♥
You'll see in the next pages what will happen to them~~~
what happen next???!! I want to know~~~~!!!
hahahahhaha!!! XDXD I laughed so hard in this page XD I love your manga!!
March 28th, 2012
more please~~~
Kinda tired here~~~~

And that what Sophie thought.. Oh yes, the girl here is Sophie ♥♥ She thought Daniel is a girl here~~..

I edited the page >.<
The roses were found in deviantart ♥♥ I did not draw the roses~~~~ \(^u^)/ Roses belongs to mysticalpchan..