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You should make a gif of yourself doing this xD that'd be like the greatest thing ever xD
sooo... anybody hit on you while you're working? :3
You see, I used to like guys more when I was little, then I found out what a dick was and since then they just kinda gross me out and I'm like, "I can like a guy... just.... not their lower extremity..."

But wow, yeah, my friends never constantly asked "So do you like anyone?!" I mean, if we liked someone, we'd tell each other when we were ready, and if someone said they didn't like anybody, we were cool with that, because sometimes we were like that too *shrug*
Are you even sure she thought you were a guy? xD What if she could tell you were a girl...? ;D
Don't worry, I didn't know what it was either ^^; Good thing you made a comic about this. There is so much I've learned xD Like not to google frenum piercing, that being a gold star lesbian is awesome, and I now know what lip service is xD So thank you for that. I appreciate what you've gone through to learn such things ;D Oh, and I love the last panel <3 You're just so adorable in it <3
@D-KeyNote: ssshhhhh *paps face* it's alright. It's not against the rules. I'm just a free shipper, I let them all sail, and then they fight it out. I'm just waiting for them to sink each other with cannons. Do not fear, one day the true ship will sail ;D
Men love demselves hips ;D And dude, I SHIP ALL THE SHIPS. I don't have just one ship, I let them all sail! They just have to fight it out with cannons ;D
@D-KeyNote: Oh darn, and being gay is fun :D haha, oh well~ Not everyone can be gay.... and hey, figuring out the answers to life questions in 30 seconds is probably handy :D I wish I could do that... i wouldn't have to stare at the wall most nights and just think...
@lil_shiro: This description sounds awesome :D a fabulous homosexual? Sweet :D a frightening psychopath? teach me your ways xD
I'm not quite like this. I mean sure, cuddling would be fine, and yes I'd probably hurt someone if I don't want them touching me... but I usually just zone out and think up stories and stuff to distract myself from the loneliness.

Oh and I would cuddle you <3 (after putting on a kevlar vest) but I'd still cuddle you :D Cuddling is fun as long as it doesn't involve people I hate or days when I'm in a bad mood xD
I'm not sure how to handle what I just read.... but I approve :D
@D-KeyNote: Glad you enjoyed that pic xD I love this person's comics, you should check em out. They make me laugh a lot :)
... Is Ginger #3 cute? :D ... and congrats on the nomination!!! you deserve it! (I didn't even know there was stuff like that on smackjeeves xD)

I'm just sayin....
Sal? Sooooooo, is that short for a name that you're hiding from us but should tell us so that we don't harass you about it later? :D
See I swing both ways (Leaning more towards the ladies <3) so I can find either attractive, it's just that while some men are appealing to me, it's usually not the ones my friends think are cute, but I can still tell what looks good, you know? It's like even if you're straight, you can tell when someone of the opposite gender is attractive, even if they're not attractive to you. It works for straight people and the same gender and so on. People really need to pull their heads out of their asses and start to actually process this stuff. we might evolve as a society if stuff like this is understood.
At least you didn't do something that could potentially kill the guy. A couple years back when my dad was working for a diff company they used to play pranks the entire time. Let's just say they had a gun that shot only blanks. Blanks are still loud. Blanks are still dangerous. My dad was a stupid young person, but he had some of the best pranks... I don't even remember why that was part of the prank, it just was. And that blank also had to do with glitter as well. it was elaborate if I remember correctly.
I don't know what to say to this. I like teh compromise tho. Just... I don't even xD
@D-KeyNote: WOO!!! Congrats to her! Wait... does this mean she's gonna stop flirting? I hope not... if she doesn't make you look like a lesbian even after she's married... that will make me sad. Anyways, tell them both "Congratulations" for me, and that I expect them to help you find a guy, while still making you look totes like a lesbian whenever the two of you are out together ;D So... I guess your best friend and your bro eh? So now your best friend is your sister-in-law. Well, at least you know family reunions won't be so awkward xD (Unlike how whenever we have reunions on my mom's side of the family my grandma always has to ask "Who's dis white boy?" about my dad)
@D-KeyNote: That's the fun of having them right there, they get to hear you make fun of them, then they retaliate, and then you get to keep making fun of each other back and forth until you're both exhausted. Then when he leaves you get the last laugh in ;D