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You should make a gif of yourself doing this xD that'd be like the greatest thing ever xD
You see, I used to like guys more when I was little, then I found out what a dick was and since then they just kinda gross me out and I'm like, "I can like a guy... just.... not their lower extremity..."

But wow, yeah, my friends never constantly asked "So do you like anyone?!" I mean, if we liked someone, we'd tell each other when we were ready, and if someone said they didn't like anybody, we were cool with that, because sometimes we were like that too *shrug*
Don't worry, I didn't know what it was either ^^; Good thing you made a comic about this. There is so much I've learned xD Like not to google frenum piercing, that being a gold star lesbian is awesome, and I now know what lip service is xD So thank you for that. I appreciate what you've gone through to learn such things ;D Oh, and I love the last panel <3 You're just so adorable in it <3
See I swing both ways (Leaning more towards the ladies <3) so I can find either attractive, it's just that while some men are appealing to me, it's usually not the ones my friends think are cute, but I can still tell what looks good, you know? It's like even if you're straight, you can tell when someone of the opposite gender is attractive, even if they're not attractive to you. It works for straight people and the same gender and so on. People really need to pull their heads out of their asses and start to actually process this stuff. we might evolve as a society if stuff like this is understood.
If that happened to me I'd probably cry, get sick, and/or run out of class screaming
@Taiki: Your countdown only reminds me that I'm a senior and that I have tests to take and then I'm going to college and I have so little time left and I just alsdkfjasldfkjalsdkfj D: Argh.... I'm freaking out as is.... Anyways.... I can't wait for the next few pages xD
alkdsfjasldkfj so excited!!! Can you PLEASE make Taiki and Nikki fall in love? <3 they're just so asdlfkjasldfkjasldf <3
November 16th, 2012
Wooo!!! ROAD TRIP! This adventure shall help Nikki and Taiki fall in love and then everything shall be well :)
(Don't judge me and my ships >///< )
Please tell me this actually happened xD it would make my week <3 And even if it didn't happen I'm going to do this from now on :3
November 4th, 2012
@Aut Mercurial: I NaNo too!!! This is my third year :) I've won the two years I've already done it and I'm hoping to win again this year :D Is this your first time? Oh OH, and if you ever need any sort of moral support for this, let me know and we can be buddies on (if you have an account), ah and my friend is doing a vlog about it, posting a vid once a day~ she gives tips and such about it to help those who've fallen behind and such :)
well shiiiiiit o____e
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! I'm not joking when I say this... but seeing Taiki practically crying has my eyes tearing up... must.. not .... cry TT^TT
Am I allowed to punch Kimi? PLEAAAAASE?
Poor Taiki D: she doesnt know what to do :(
Oh god…. I’m so sorry this happened to you D: dsfksljdfasdljfk… now I feel the need to give you a hug… What an ass that girl was! If I was there and knew about what this chick was going to do, i probably would’ve bitch slapped her into silence... that or just broken her nose... either would probably make her shut up...
FFFffff.... we all know that Kimi's sister is gonna say that they weren't with family the entire time and then all hell is gonna break loose...alsdkfjlksjdlksa i need moar >///<
I'm worried she's gonna start doubting herself when she sees Kimi >///<
All the feels! >.<