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This makes me want to be a mom :B
Just take your medicine Billy! Just take your medicine! DX
And then the years pass, he became evil and kill em all. The end.(?)
finally! .<.
cute and badass >:3 my favorite...
I'm from argentina, and we are very "open" to physicall contact. We kiss in one or both cheeks depending of the zone, and i remember this asian young couple that come to visit their family, the first time we meet i greet the guy with a kiss in every cheek and a pat on his back. The girl next to him gave me a death stare and the guy face turn red as a tomato, but after that my brother greet him, and my grandfather greet him, so i guess she understood the situation
April 27th, 2012
:0! poor kid
no more updates? well, crap.
:O! i don't understand why nobody comment, this is a pretty cool story!
is bad if i can't find this disturbing at all