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Reboot Page 04
I just want to say thanks for all the messages on the last page. They mean a lot. I haven't decided if I want to give this project the energy and attention it needs or if I'm going to focus on my other comic instead.

I don't want to make any promises right now, but I'll definitely think about it. If I don't end up coming back to this, thanks again for all the support. It was definitely fun while it lasted. haha.
Redo Page 03
It doesn't seem like a lot of people are interested in this anymore, so it might be time to let it go and focus on my current comic (Olive and the Ghost Squad). So I'll upload the last of the redo Wednesday. Thanks for the ride and I hope you guys check out my new work. Maybe you'll like it. : )
@AzraelFiachra: Thanks. I liked the colors too but they took way too long. haha.
Reboot Page 02
And the reboot keeps going on it's Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule for at least one more week of pages unless it seems people are liking it, in which case I'll keep it going. :)
Reboot Page 01
Here's the first page of the reboot. I have 4 more and if it seems like you guys are enjoying it I will keep them coming, so keep showing your support. :)

I'm trying to keep all the things i liked from the previous version (most of the dialogue) then fix the things I didn't like (the art for example).
@Quinis: the art definitely needs it. ouch. hurts to look at. haha.
@catqueen13: me too. I think if support stays this strong after I upload the pages I have redone, then I'll definitely continue.
@Kaiarynn: aw thanks for the excitment Kai!
Reboot? Read for more info.
What: A reboot of Misdirection.

How: If I see enough support, I'll make it happen. If at least a decent amount of people reply on this that they want it to happen, it will.

Why: I've matured a lot as an artist and I'm taking comics more seriously. This means a strict updating schedule, no more fillers, no more delays, and it will be long term (I won't flake out after a couple pages.)

When: I have 5 pages already redrawn in the style above. It's simple and clean and I'm able to do it quickly which means more pages in less time for you guys.

If you were here from way back when, you are amazing. Seriously. I can't believe you have stuck with me this long. :)

And if you are looking for another comic, why not try out my new one: Olive and the Ghost Squad. It updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
New Website is Up!
Hey guys, The new website is up!.

Check it out at:

There’s obviously still a lot of work to be done. Hahaha, but I’m getting there. Sorry again about the couple week hiatus, my dad had a serious health issue that called me away from work and commissions. He’s doing much better now, so things should be back on schedule.

Import News: There will be another new page uploaded (only on the website) tomorrow, so come check it out later to see it. From then on out, that website will always be one page ahead of smack Jeeves, drunk duck, and deviant art.

Music I listened to while drawing this page: ‘Back in Black’ by AC/DC

Once again, the new website is

Sorry this is a little late, hahaha. I forgot how much more work it is to color this many panels/people. Hahaha. But it's only a little late, I'm not abandoning you again, I promise. haha.

Okay, now I have a question for you guys:

What features would you like the website to have? Here is what I'm thinking so far...

1) Background information on the characters and the world along with special art and maps and whatnot

2) Some info on how the comic is made, and some tutorials for anyone interested

3) Fan Art and Fan Writing and anything of that nature

4) Maybe a podcast section where I can talk a bit about the comic and where it's going and answer any questions

5) Obviously the comic. hahaha.

So, is there anything else you would like to see? I really appreciate the feedback.


BobBob: thanks! Now if I could just improve on my hated of drawing backgrounds, we'll be set. haha.

Jazeki: And they still didn't do anything about it. Hahaha.

Flo: Thanks so much for commenting and showing your support! It keeps surprising me how loyal and awesome you guys are. haha.

Ninja Kitties: Hahaha yeah, that would end the comic pretty quickly. Luckily, it was just the storage area or something. haha.

Lady Terentia: I'm so excited to show who's attacking them. ahahaha it's a character that I keep forgetting to show you guys a sneak peek of. I guess it'll be a surprise? Hahaha.

LokiDove: Thanks so for the support Loki! I didn't make a new style on purpose, it's just sort of the direct my art took over the past year. Hopefully it's not too different, just less flat?
Update: Hey guys, there won't be a comic today. I've been at the hospital all weekend because of another incident with my dad. He's doing better now, but I didn't have time to finish up the comic. Next week I hope to have the comic up as usual, plus a second page on the new website I'm putting together. Thanks for the patience.

Thanks so much for everyone that voted! I'm still going through my e-mail to reply to people, so don't worry if you got it in a little late or anything. I didn't get time to do all the doodles and sketches last week but I'll get to them very soon.

As for this weeks news:

If you guy keep supporting the comic (through comments or votes or e-mails or anything), I'm going to do my best to make a website just for it. Don't worry, I'll keep updating here, but I think it'll be nice to have a site to put up background info and fan art and whatnot.

Oh! and there will be a fanart contest to celebrate the opening. So start thinking of what you would like to draw. I'll explain the prizes and rules later since it probably won't happen until the beginning of next month.


Jazeki: Thanks so much for voting as always. If I could make you this watch, I would. Haha.

Trallt14: Thank you so much for the votes!

Maryenne: Thank you for enjoying the comic so far. I really appreciate it.

Astrophysic: Thanks! I tried to get a grungy sooty sort of color pallet. I hope it comes across? haha.

Sick Fist Messiah: Ah! Yes, I know the song. Awesome. And yeah, I hope we figure that out soon, I'm getting anxious to draw it. ahaha.

BobBob: Aw, thanks Bob. I still need a lot of work on facial expressions, but I'm getting there.

NinjaKitties: Thanks so much, I know you would. hahaha. you're awesome.

Aat53543: thanks! and thanks for letting the others know how to get a screen cap. I wasn't sure how to explain it.

LadyTerentia: Happy New Year to you too! One of my resolutions is actually to devote more love to this comic. hahaha. And yes, you e-mailed me in time, I just haven't had time to respond yet.
Mayrenne: That's alright. To vote, you click the blue banner right below these comments. If you don't know how to do a screen cap, just e-mail me anyways to get a doodle. ^___^
Jazeki: no, i demand to send you a doodle. ahahaha. Just accept it as a thank you for all the other times you've voted. so you better e-mail me. hahaha.

Trallt14: Actually, I might be having a fan art contest soon, so save it for then. Haha. Don't worry, I believe you. Just e-mail me with what you want doodled.
free doodles?
I really hope you guys take me up on this free doodle offer. I really want a way to connect with you guys personally, becuase I'm a dork. Hahaha. Even if you don't want a doodle and you just want to vote, there'll be some good stuff for you to look at and read if you do. Thanks again for the support. I'll love you forever if you vote everyday. ahahaha, and if you do, send me an e-mail so I can thank you personally.
You're a winner! Read below...
News!: Starting next Saturday I am having a little contest, except everyone is a winner and gets a prize? ahahaha. If any of you vote for the comic at the banner linked at the bottom of this page (TWC Top 100), take a screen cap of your vote, and e-mail it to me at, anyone that does that will get a free doodle! Remember, this offer is starting next Saturday (Jan 1st!). Any screen-caps sent in this week only count if you send me another one next week as well. As for the doodle, just give me a keyword and I'll go from there. Yay! This offer ends one week after, so it ends on the 8th.

Don't worry if you forget, I'll post a message about this on Wednesday to remind you. And, if you miss the contest all together, there will be more like it in the future.

(examples of keywords: Batman, a devil, snow, kittens, grandma, your face. Oh, and I'll draw your oc or a character you like, only if you send me a picture)


ninjakitties: mysterious box is mysterious. luckily I remember what it is. ahaha.

callirain: Thanks so much! It's really good to be back.

BobBob: the world may never know, or everyone will in like a handful of pages. Whatever comes first. haha.
Woo! And it begins...
Woo! And it begins...
Okay! Yay! It has finally started back up... for real. Hahaha. Expect a new page every Saturday Night or Sunday Morning.

On a side note, feel free to discuss the story line or the art, ect, but please keep it a little positive. hahaha, If I get negative feedback, it tends to make me second guess myself and I don't think any of us want another long hiatus. Cool tips and suggestions are always welcome though! Oh, and totally point out if there's a typo. It'll probably happen a lot. hahaha.

MadMindInk: That's for the good wishes! But... you'll have to fight me for that crown. hahaha.

ninjakitties: Thanks! Coloring takes me forevvvver, but I think it's probably the best part about my art, so I stick with it. haha.

Astrophysic: I hope you like it!

LadyTerentia: Thanks for the concern, it was a rough few weeks, but things have been getting better and better every day. Hopefully that keeps up until I pass out from awesomeness.

lokidove: I'm excited that you're excited!

Jettemse: Oh man, you have no idea how much I appreciate support. thanks for sticking around.

BobBob: I'm so happy you like the shading, because it seriously takes me a year and half my soul. hahaha, it's a pain, but I love doing it anyways. Thanks for noticing.

Oana: Seriously! I really think fate or destiny or something really likes this comic, ahahaha. I hope you continue to like it!
I love you guys,
Sorry things are taking longer than I thought. My grandmother died and my dad's been in and out of the hospital. It's been a rough few weeks. But things have settled down, and I even started a new job specifically so it would give me more time to work on my comic.

On the plus side, I have 3 pages worth of buffer, and I'm super pleased with how they are coming out. I think I've improved in a year (thank goodness) so hopefully you guys will like the small changes in style.

Here's a little preview. Ignore the style of the rough doodles. That's just what I use when I'm working on page layouts and character ideas. The image on the bottom right is the actual style and coloring of the comic.

I want at least two more pages in the buffer before I start up officially, so hopefully it'll happen pretty soon!

Now to reply to all of you that stuck around this whole time and commented. I didn't think anyone would still be here with me, then all of you showed up, and I was seriously moved. You have no idea how amazing you all are to me.


catqueen13: oh man, I can't believe you remember it!

RagTag Studios: thanks so much! I think my coloring has actually improved since I last updated it. Hopefully everyone will like it.

StellaCandente: You're psychic! haha, I'm so happy you were thinking about it.

bathbomber: I've never used RSS, but I'm sooo glad you guys do. Hahaha. Thanks for sticking with it!

Gabia: thanks!!

Cupcakes of Doom: I love love love you for staying with me! hehehehe.

Seedless acorn: Thanks! I'm super excited to show you guys how I've changed over the year. ^__^

vsentyabre: I'm so glad you didn't take it off too! You're awesome.

dudekiller: Thanks! I hope you like the things to come!

Tovi Ivot: Woo!!!

crazygirl132: D'awww! thank you! I'm so glad you like it! I hope you like where it goes from here too!

glowstikx: Good to be back! thanks for having me.

Drakol: haha, oh no, don't worry, no one did. It was just a coincidence. I was actually inspired to start back up by going to a webcomic convention for another comic that I work for. I just do some simple art for it, not any writing or plot, so I dont't really advertise it here.

LadyOtter: Awesome timing!!! I hope you keep enjoying it!

ThirdShaft: thank you! Thanks for sticking around!

PomeiLione: DOUBLE YESSSS!!!!!

JoHn: ahahaha i didn't notice that the title was so misleading until after I posted it. Well, at least that made the news even better? I hope... ahaha.

MadMindInk: Thanks! I wish I was as awesome as you've been during my time off. Your comic has become sooo fantastic!

GuestXD: I'm glad you think so! hahaha, yay!

ninjakitties: You won't regret it. hahaha, I hope.

LadyTerentia: Oh, I do. I always have, but I run into the problem of already knowing what's going to happen, so I get bored. It's like rewatching a movie twice in one day. ahaha, so this time around, I'm going to surprise myself. Somehow... ahaha.

aat53543: Thanks so much! I might go crazy if it's just once a month, ahahaha, so hopefully it won't come to that. ^___^

Dalliann: You guys have already been more patient than I could have ever guessed! seriously, this comic has the most awesome readers... dare I say... ever. ahahaha

Tokamada: You are offically amazing for checking in! I would have given up hope on this comic a year ago if I was a reader. ahahaha.

Storm: D'awww love you guys too! Seriously, you all motivate me to insane amounts.

Lokidove: Oh wow, your comment has filled me with so much happiness, you can't even understand. Stop being so awesome! hahaha, thanks so much for staying around and waiting for me!

Bob Bob: bwahaha, you shall not escape my zombie comic. making a zombie comic sounds fun... but... must... stay... focused. ahahaha