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Deadly Gaze
June 12th, 2016
Well look at that!
Looks like the first Trial for our girls has just been successfully completed... though I doubt anyone know what they did :P I'll give a hint... They used one of their individual abilities that unlocked the blocking spell to keep out 'unwanted guest' (like humans)
Maybe I could had defined that more in the comic, so I'm very sorry I didn't draw it out properly for every one's understanding >>;
Deadly Gaze
June 12th, 2016
And another dragon pops up out of no where... so weird ~ :P
Deadly Gaze
June 12th, 2016
A little cultural glimpse hohohohoho :P
The art is looking really good! Can't wait to see more! :)
Thanks everyone! Onto chapter three, to explain everything :D; yayyayayayay
Just wanted to ask for any suggestions of; dislikes or likes so far on this comic :D thank you so much already to those who have faved this 19+ fans your my favorites!! I don't know if anyone has told you how muchly appreciated your support is! Just reading and favoring this comic helps me a ton on trying to better myself with each page or going back and fixing things that leave too many wholes.
Thank you again!! And I hope everything is going well to you and yours!
Sorry no update today, heheh
but there's my dog :'D Riddick... whose an amazing Akita...
Been super busy with him lately.. obedience classes grooming appts the works, I'll try to update next week ;o;
Maybe its laziness... :'P oh well here's another unfinished page.. enjoy I guess. I still promise completion of page, just gonna be a while.. ugh life... ugh coloring.
I have to finish coloring and shadding later, lol.
So here we will see how easy it is to get on Dou's bad side :3
I haven't had the time to finish this page so I just doodled out shading and lighting on it.. lol
I'm kinda busy, but maybe with next weeks update I'll be able to completely finish this one, until later~
Lets give Caterpie a round of applause! what a wonderful entrance!! :'D
Guess I should have finished a whole bunch of comic pages before starting this... Oh well ;'P My bad. lol

Maybe Dou's a little inexperienced... Jeeze learn your balls DOU!

Okay, Making a cute Pokemon Comic.
And yah That's right Totally Hot Trainers Group!;'D
Amarta being a Bad Ass! :'D so sorry for the over due update, working on the comic pages, but I got a new computer so I've been adjusting myself to it. Ya'know adding all the lost brushes, and text formats ;'D
what really sucks is I updated it to windows 8 so my usual format I draw on only go on windows 7 so having to move on to something I'm not used to. It's been a real drag x'D oh well comic page coming soo~
In other news I'm already working on a field trip idea for the monsters of Blanca... yay?!! :'D
Deadly Gaze
October 12th, 2014
End of the first chapter <3 ;'D
Hahah, no it's not her day <3 @flamefriends
@Furary: Hahah! Thanks so much it was cracking me up when I drew it C':!
hahahahah, soooo lazy with that last panel!! C': it still looks pretty good. I might keep it that way <3
@Ammo- lishes: Aww thanks soo much, I'm currently working on the next one, but it'll probably be a while still x'D <3