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@BeeMkay: lol, yeah the flow does change in these pages xD
Thanks for the feedback!
And thanks!! Cx
aahaha, I cannot try with ships so don't hate me for not xD
bleh there I go, coloring... my attempt at a good page x.x
Also I should note that Aadya's hands should be black to a dark grey and I failed by making them blue xD my bad
and back to the present :D
A little flash back on Astro and Lambda's encounter with each other :P
Yup, I think I edited most of his appearances with the earring, if you happen to find one not fixed let me know! Cx
Me tooo! XD
XD let me just do a step to on everything I do, it would help make everything make sense :p
It definitely has meaning :P
ooooe, what a pretty planet *^*
@AyauranAtoli: Thank you! I do try my darnest xD lmao!
I wonder who these guys are :P?
Hmm, not sure if I should change that time frame 'Five hours' doesn't seem like a big deal to me :P
I'll have to think about it, but for now. A new page C:
@AyauranAtoli: I could never <3
Quite Possibly the cutest character in this story :P
Character info and design by S a i l s (67818) on
Meet CIOP-3, the friendly robot. Created centuries ago by a man who wanted to vicariously explore space, this AI has been travelling from plant to planet and collecting all their interesting stories. Even though her
creator is long gone, she continues her pursuit out of genuine love and curiosity for our solar system
Character info and design by Riley (3286) on
this boy is a tall fellow :P
Character design and information done by ★ ━ ᴛᴀᴅᴀsʜɪ (67537) from
The main crew together :P they are soo cute!
Info and character designed by Ayauran (78395) -on
Please Meet, Jajeelat. (Pronounced Ah-He-Lot [First J is silent, second sounds like H])

He is a fairly young space explorer, whom was orphaned at a young age and grew up on a ship lounging around Earth. He dreamed for many years to voyage out on his own as a child, and now the time has come. At just 16 years of age, this little rebel is ready to burst out and start visiting the Planets.

The year is 5062, and they have developed special Cybernetic suits for space travel. The multi-color Pixel look serves not only to keep heat in when the temperature drops, but it also uses a built in environment stabilizer to create camouflage, as well as adjust life support systems to safely travel in each planets atmospheric changes.

Unlike ancient space suits, these Cybernetic versions do not require oxygen tanks or bulky fabrics. Which is a huge Bonus to Jajeelat, as he despises bulk. He claims it inhibits his movement too much, and makes him feel immobile.
Finally was able to finish this captains ref sheet xD

Omg You're the best! xD