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New page. Sorry for the late :)
Third one of the pics. This time this pair :)
Ah, Professor David is starting class. Let’s see how it goes.
Ferris wheel, then.
Yes, we said it will be more of these :)
Tina, control your OC a bit.
Yes, we’re finally back. Sorry for the late :)
@Stevarooni: Hehe. Thank you!
@Kunnaki: You think? :3
And there they go!
Well, we're back on the road...! You get it? On the road :D
September 13th, 2015
Vixen :)
@Whip the Rabbit:
Ah, she sure has... only not the usual stuff, I suppose ^ ^'
Tinaru is already having fun :)...
No, Vix... and you better go for those cupcakes >:)
Says The Death...
David can cause funny reactions on people, sometimes. Well, he's being funny, that mean's it's a success ^ ^. Anyway, curious fact: The dance David is performing is called "El Garabato", that means "The Doodle" in spanish. It's a dance that represents the fight between life and death and the main character is La Muerte with his scythe. So David's Doodling Around, heh :3
Me Umh-Ba, me friend it’s a better line, Astrid :P
Well, Rina said ‘usually’. Sisters are so lovely some times, eh…? n_ñ