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I love this! I love how you animate it ^^ Can't wait for an update!
September 16th, 2012
Awesome *3* lol, dA ;P I really love this comc!!! hilarious.
lol, Feathers :) I wish my parents named me that T^T (ps. plz update :) i'm lovin this)
LRRH ftw ^^ the wolf is sooooo adorable :D
Yay, an update! ^^ what will happen now?! O.o
I love this webcomic XD I can't wait for the next update :D
I have to know what happens next! Im rooting for deformed abs XD Plz update this! ^w^
This is my first comment on this comic as I started reading yesterday... I can't wait to see what happens! This is getting really exciting! Woohoo! I will finally know what the fans of this comic felt in between the updates for the past few years! Awww, I already can't wait for an update :')

PS: I can't believe it! I finally caught up! Now I'm chewing my shirt! :D I love this webcomic! The characters, the plot, the art, the AWESOME CREATURES THAT TAKE A LOT OF IMAGINATION TO CREATE?! Why didn't I start reading earlier?
Me --> (>*3*)> + Paradox-the-webcomic = GLOMP :3 Is it normal that I feel like I'm sending a fan letter to a famous superstar? Why Am I So Hyper?! Why do I sound kiss-ass? I wanna donate and get the comics but i don't have no monies D: