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By the by, in the last panel, it's "Cinccino" not "Cinncino."
Since when did Patch acquire such naughty vocabulary :O
wouldn't that be more of a "splat" though?
April 7th, 2015
I'm glad you've derived so much from "traditional" Minecraft. It's such a simple game; with no alterations it makes for a boring read.
This page is really good!
March 3rd, 2015
February 3rd, 2015
sweet catch!
as a general statement dell makes trash computers. Good luck getting it un-kaputed.
I'm still here for you as editor too!
FYI your banner seems to be bugged, as well as your computer. :P
Good luck on repairs!
October 2nd, 2014
To be fair, most of those things kicked your butt pretty hard too.
no, artists aren't allowed to have free time. :P Seriously though, don't feel stressed to please random people over the internet. We will understand if things happen.
Just wait until they meet the mighty Wigglytuff...
June 1st, 2014
so he's boned if he fights?

*ba dum tssss*
How much memory does your laptop have? I can't imagine a few hundred images taking up more than two or three gigabytes...
Ryan: It looks like we have to get A LOT of cobblestone if we wanna make buildings according to these instructional pictures.
Geoff: Aren't the kids getting ores and stuff?
Ryan: Uh, kids?
Geoff: yea.
Ryan: Why did you call them kids like they're your children?
Geoff: in a weird way, they are to me.
Geoff: they freaking act like kids...
Jack: Can't argue therE.
Ryan: Um...ok then.
Ryan: Yes the "kids" are going off mining so they might get a lot of cobblestone while they're out.
Ryan: Depends on whether they find a mine shaft or not.
Geoff: well there ya go, all we gotta do is wait for them to come back.
Geoff: i mean i can't read dicks out of this book because its in swedish, but from what i gather from this we can make stuff from minecraft but like it'll look 100 percent more awesome. no boxy looking stuff.
Geoff: like we could remake achievement city and make it look like fucking new york city!
Geoff: we can also combine stuff to make our houses look like something that would make martha steward shit her pants.
Jack: Holy fucK...
Geoff: yeah man.
Geoff: shit her pants.
Geoff: in jealousy.
Geoff: here i'll show you.

Its not that super awesome, but the spinning dial is made from solid gold!
First comment!

Always loved the expressions in this comic, good to see that they've stayed... expressive.