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i am into drawing scifi and some fantasy. i make things out of twist ties...oh what the heck, just check out my deviantart account.
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October 22nd, 2014
let me get my reading glasses...wait what? they dont work for this kind of thing? well...
whats whith Izzy's eyes?
September 11th, 2014
@Guest: ahh...perhaps a giraffe hybrid. lol
@Anon: its a reference to the fact that the bunny girl is a third gen hybrid, she can reproduce.. we were to assume that that's what the tiger girl was gonna mention, but it was only about carrots, which is pretty funny
@Kyle: the whole point of "Kid, it's time to learn why you're different from all of your sisters" was to suggest she was finally going to discover that she was a Third Gen...the kind that is able to reproduce, which is a huge twist...
but we find out that it was only about carrots...
December 30th, 2013
one does not simply understand the End of Evangelion
umm which page explains why the girls eyes are green?
so much hate against furries, they are normal people who love the animal version of reality... and not just the porn, just clean, regular furry stuff. why do they get so much hate?
oh and dont forget the streamers for games and other good stuff!
i finally finished NGE series, i watched End of Evangelion as well...that anime was full of wtf and epicness! ur a genius, i tell ya!!!
November 19th, 2012
MEGA MILK!!!u incest lover, lol ass
yay, mlp fan
that is so sad. why would his dad do that?
i'm glad we both like daft punk
dhit just got real
July 25th, 2012