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I just came back on smackjeeves sooo... i just started a comic... have mercy on me!

looking for comics to be in <3 (if i approve to be in the comic and find interest in it)

i enjoy reading, looking at art and drawing my own art.

i have a place were you can look at my art.
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sooooo cute~ <3 i love this story ^_^
poor Odine (grabs a box of napkins)
meatloaf XD
cute <3 X3 i want to see what happens next XD
omg!!! i love the last pannel <3
i was wondering about that
what is their relationship? are they lovers? or just really close friends? gah!!! i need answers!!!
weee!!! pretty <3
rawr!!! =3
oh my... i have so many ways to say how they first do it... maybe ill send you a list of ways you can put it... (brings out the ninja mask)
heres one idea!
they can have a family get together, and in their get together maru-chan brings out the spin the bottle game XD jk... kinda...-3-

tell me if you want me to send other ideas to your e-mail <3 becuase i love writing ideas for stories. <3
lol im not good at drawing the stories -3-

lol im at school right now... -_- should be doing homework...

new: woot!!! first comment!!! pwn!!!
he has no eyebrows 0_0'
anywa,y i would get them all if my mom didnt hate anime XD
it's so hard for me to find time to draw anime without my mom catching me X3 (looks around)
... i want to make one XD (thinking of a character to make)
you wouldnt mind me stealing your idea of making a plushi? (whimper)
soo cute -///-
gawd... your making me want to make plushies. XD
he's sooo cute. *purr* X3
i dont know how to change the layout... sorry
but your art is very pretty and lovely <3
0_____0 *stare* omg!!! sooo cute!!!
i know how it feels... im starting to get really busy becuase of tests and other crap.
i like the last two pannels <3
its 1:30 am at my place and im dead tired... but i have to finish my hw and hav eto take my medicine in like an hour

gawd i hate being sick @_@
lol XD name change 0__0 this is cute <3
oh dear, kou-chan is getting a talk or... going to be KILLED

i love the last panel <3
woah!!! i didnt think Midori would be wanting a kiss that bad 0___0
i thought kou-chan would do the kiss first XD

i like this a lot
first comment!!! WOOT!!!
weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! this is sooo pretty <3 i like it alot X3
what??? whats he going to say??? im freaking out!!! (pulls hair) 0______0
0_0 i love your style X3 its really pretty
great job!!!
and dont worry, XD i dont see any mistakes on the wing in the last panel =3