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Krystal / Momo
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Puerto Rico
I am a college student, digital artist in training and a high hoped dreamer. I take my time in my art which is why I always take so long and procrastinate while doing so. That is where my username comes alone. Though keep in mind that artist and lazy should not be in the same sentence.
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    Krystal J. Lopez Baguer
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i just couldnt stop laughing at the hilarious pace this page has xD its awesome!!!
You should have made Joa say something Like forever alone xD
NOO!!! DX PAI!!!
When CSP says "Ga", that formation reminds me of penis. Oh dear Christ help me. Lmao xD Anyways, amazing entrance is amazing.
You know? This might well be one of those times where I actually think a buff man is hot.
those facial expressions are just adorable <3
im pretty sure we all that the reason shes gonna wear black...
First, let me start that the art style is amazing. Story seems to be quite promising too, looking forward to it o-o
lmao XD ive laughed with every single page of this comic of yours, God bless ya :"D
your style is just amazeballs.
oh gawd bring in the sex!
@seruuuu: agreed xD
@LadyRed: lmao not to mention the 3d effect.. omg XD
@stupidarghs: lmao didnt even notice until you said it xD i was like "wait what does she mea- OOOOOHHHHH.." XD
fdoindfolbgndfon!! that last panel! gah! so cute!
d'awww... i know how that feels xD, your comic is one of the cutest ive ever seen on sj! keep it up! its just too adorable!
well, its settled then. yo-kun is mine.
no! i was was clicking for the next page... T^T