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I Like to Draw, I like computer so I combined the two and BOOM!
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Chapter, This story is just getting warmed up.
Probably not because it does have a magnetic field generator to deflect small objects away (sort of like the deflector dish from Star Trek)
@adam: We all have to work together, treat each other with respect?
@adam: Background stories will be fleshed out later. Needless to say she learned everything from her father from a young age. Plus, the ISEO is a private company so they can pick whatever Captains they want.
@adam: Oh don't mind the Professor, hes a grump. There is room for all opinions on the great Cosmic Star. Surely the most important statement was the one he made about people learning how to think for themselves...
@Rime Hans: Oh dude, that's how I roll
Will be addressed in dialogue in next chapter, they will change course to orbit Neptune. (Spoiler)
Alright I know, Einstein couldn't do basic math, and I can't spell. Got it. lol
@HumalaDuck: Well color me embarrassed, that box is not supposed to say anything, oops
Thanks for the comment, its always nice to get feedback from readers. At the end of the day I guess I wouldn't do what I do if I didn't love to make stories. Even if just a few people enjoy them.