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Hello. I like cats.
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Ugh, I almost didn't make it in time. Sorry guys.

Another tiney winey information thingy, I'm starting on Saturday in a coffee shop and therefore going to be working from 10 am to 4 pm (that's massive hours for me who can't cope with everyday living with my mental issues)

At the moment it seems that I will have weekends off so if everything goes as planned and I'm keeping up as a human I possibly can manage updating this comic also. Quality possibly goes down if I try to keep with one week schedule but we'll see.

Next page comes in time, let's hope I have energy to get it ready for next weekend (I have to change the system so that I upload on weekends)

//edit: quickest possibly saw that froakie came out of nowhere, forgot the light from pokeball :D
added some light
And this was the first chapter! WOOOoo!
(only three pages. oh dear :I)
Here we go. Wish me luck!
I don't know if anyone said this already but in pokémon anime Ash's not-so-best-buddy Gary found also fossilized pokemon poo! I saw the connection immediately :D
December 5th, 2012
Tervetuloa takaisin. Sinua vallan kaivattiin <3

Onko Scottin käsi btw tarkoituksella "väärinpäin"? :o
August 21st, 2012
Oh god Scott ja Jakub. Heitä haluan nähdä enempi .w.