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-Hello to all! I`m Savana-Kalii.
I like yaoi,shounen ai,and drawing(of course) I cannot draw on I trust my hands alot! I am left handed and have big hands's very hard sometimes!

An Add-on if I may...
I saw all the beautiful work on this website and totally backed out,hands up.I was hoping to upload,but I am such a noob compared to all of you so..I just gave up right then! Hahaha!

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-Dos dance moves XD
-An all nighter!~~~
-I stayed up all night...staring and reloading this Smackjeeves.....just for this moment...thank you so much TT-TT
-Okay...I know I am way late in discovering this webcomic was reading this and I stated listening to the song and it totally made me cry! I was like "NOOOO TAIYO'SS HAIR?!WHYYYY?!" Heehee :)