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I'm hoping to go into the Graphic Design career once I graduate this year from high school and absolutely love Naruto and SD Gundam Force. :3
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News update, crucial if you don't know about my laptop going poofy.
Click there to read the news post. Otherwise... nyah. Enjoy Guneagle.
lol I was wondering...
What that was. Draw circles around it, it'll look more like a chain. ._. Good Dante pose, draw more, yayayayay. ^^ And don't go idle, nyah~!
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I spent a lot of time on the screentones and lighting, as you can see, but also redrawing everything with my tablet. This is an old part of the comic series, with a slightly sloppier style, so I'm doing my best.

Also, keep in my I'm in the middle of a crunch for my school's finals, so updates will be delayed.
Oooh, she makes me think of Kane in a business coat like thing. Is it? Hmm? :3
*adds to favs* n_n *hug*
Oh god XD
First page and I spelled guard wrong. UGH I LOOSE. XDD