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Lady Hio
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    Hione Yamato
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Lady Hio
August 26th, 2019
Ow, my heart!! > A < <3
Welcome back!!! Teee, Chris. <3 <3 <3
Cutie babies. <3 And yes, story! Wanna learn more about the babies. Part of me is actually just waiting for Hiro to finally point out that Takashi has been a real prick to him and not considering how he feels about the situation. :U
King! ; A; No, cuddle the baby!
Poor King, he really needs a nice vacation for all his hard work. U ^ U
HAH! Poor sweetheart thought he had the kiss of death for a minute. :'D
Lady Hio
September 27th, 2015
I've read too much manga. I'm still worried that he just wants to get a picture so that he knows who to target to take Kaidou out. e 3e What you up to, happy man.
My babies!!! ; w ; <3
Oh, make sure you double-check the guidelines, though! o O o I saw that another artist had a bit of an issue with not censoring their work, even though it was listed as mature.

Otherwise, that's a very nice peen. :U Very good!
Baby, no!!! ; A ; You have a cute deaf boy that would cuddle you every day if you wanted! TT ^ TT Mah poor baby.
I think a vein in my eye popped from reading this whole comic in two days. 8D Worth it, though!

Everything is lovely, and your art improved like MEGA quick! Great job! > w<

M' wondering... do you have a tumblr?
Hah! Okay, can I have a little King tho? A cute little King charm or something?
It's still a beautiful page babe. <3 Don't push yourself!
I looooove the comic. BUT~! You put "sooth" instead of "soot!" This is for a contest right? Just wanted to point it out so they didn't mark it down. Aaaaaah but I love it all the same! > w <
@rainfish: I agree with this. But I'm also sad. ; w ; <3 Can I just pinch his cheeks and cuddle him and make him better?
YOU LIIIIIIVE~ :3 <3 Good, cause this is super cute. U w U <3

Hope things are going okay~
Can I just... snuggle him, and smooch his cute little baby face? Pleeaaase?
I ship these two so badly. :'D I love them.
I'm sure Dake will miss those 15 inches. U A U Any loss of inches is a tragedy to the poor bluenette.

Good part is, he gets 20 now. e w e

*Ignore me, it's morning and I have no life other than work and comics. :'D*