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An avid reader and writer of yaoi. A college student at UCR. Biological sciences major. Love to read, mostly sci-fi and fantasy.
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I wonder if Lilu bothered to wear a swimsuit?
The ghosts ship it. That scene was what killed me
@someone_else: especially when Daddy keeps interfering with the laws of life and death
Aphrodite really be that girl who does everything to get her ship realized
Plot thickens
It’s been a good run. Onwards to Tapas!
@agnosis ok but imagine they’re at home, tired, hair a mess, saying this and Hekate is in the background waiting for it to click in their exhausted brains what the other said
“So how was your day “
“I narrowly avoided getting strangled by a ghost and made out with your brother. I think I’m in love. You?
“I made peace with past trauma and reunited with the child I abandoned. Speaking of brothers, here’s yours. He’s a horse.”
Again, the Morticia and Gomez Addams vibes are off the charts.

“Don’t torture yourself darling, that’s my job.”
I love the dynamic between Hades and Persephone. Also, can’t wait to see how Ariadne is dressed.
September 13th, 2018
I have had David for only twenty minutes and he f anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room, then myself
September 13th, 2018
Get good boy or get gone
September 13th, 2018
Five bucks said Romeo’s conception was planned according to a strict schedule. Momma probably tried pushing him out to get the labor over with.
August 31st, 2018
Aaaahhhhh heeeeellllllll nnnnnnooooooo
The concept sounds cute. Can’t wait for the first page.
Oh Persephone, you got it bad......