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We know Zeus made Ganymede an immortal. Looks like Ariadne was either made an immortal by Dionysus or was like that already. Makes you wonder, where did Rhea and the Titans really come from?
I’m loving Ariadne. I feel something ominous about her here and I want to see more.
*Malik glaring at them from the aether *
Ooooohhhhh, Ariadne!
Hades is so adorable, love him
It’s been eighty years.....
Seriously, anyone else get the suspicion the uncle is really the dad?
Luca is a blanket hog, pass it on
The turaco always watches.
Do you have any family?
“No, you killed them all...”
Fuck, marry, kill
My my Hades, someone’s getting awfully bold.
Julien’s head is just the right level
That last panel. Just take a moment to realize the entire time this conversation was happening , the others were just standing there. The whole thing was silent for a long time and the only clue you had to where the conversation was going was through the facial expressions and body language.
This is the opposite of “when will all the fucks I give come back from the war”. I have too many fucks to give right now. Help.
Jesus. His life could have been so much different if she even suspected.
Demeter really loves humans, doesn’t she.
I’m thinking a crocodile or something similar
Now I can really see the resemblance to Persephone
Not related to this storyline but how would the Judgement of Paris work with your characters. Athena doesn’t seem like the kind to be caught up in that beauty pageant stuff.