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An avid reader and writer of yaoi. A college student at UCR. Biological sciences major. Love to read, mostly sci-fi and fantasy.
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Persephone: Where did you get this enthusiasm from? It sure as hell wasn’t me.

I’m dying.
Love has no hold over the dead
Mika, you’re too much
I was wondering about that. Between Zeus’ beard and Persephone’s legs, you’d think Dionysus would be pretty hirsute.
I’m calling it now, they kissed or they fucked.
I am loving Ariadne and Dionysus. They’re giving off so many Morticia and Gomez Addams vibes.

Kore and Dionysus have such a good relationship. Although at this point, with all the hints he’s giving, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dionysus knows everything.
Smooth. Are you going to ask if he’s going to probe you as well?
I just love how Commander Nova’s reaction is concerned dad. Imagine him meeting a (friendly) dog for the first time.
Oooooohhhhhhh, Daddy’s mad.
Plz don’t be send me to the basement
What do you have there?
A knife
“Uncle, I’m hearing voices and I’m pretty sure they’re not the usual intrusive thoughts...”
“I’m gay” he says
When you knock yourself out trying to look tough
June 27th, 2018
His own fam, damn!
Somebody has serious anxiety
We know Zeus made Ganymede an immortal. Looks like Ariadne was either made an immortal by Dionysus or was like that already. Makes you wonder, where did Rhea and the Titans really come from?
I’m loving Ariadne. I feel something ominous about her here and I want to see more.
*Malik glaring at them from the aether *