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An avid reader and writer of yaoi. A college student at UCR. Biological sciences major. Love to read, mostly sci-fi and fantasy.
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All hail the Queen of the Underworld!
January 12th, 2018
Damn you are gettybusy with these comic pages
“Damn this sand in my eye.”
December 28th, 2017
Jasper, you’re cute but you can’t slither away that easily
@Lilu’s gun show
Boom! Bam!
Fire Power!
I think you skipped a page
Isn’t it sage you’re supposed to burn to ward off demons
I’ve waited so long for this page!
Also kudos for acknowledging the flower crown.
Oh snap!
It's back baby yeah!
I can see the Arion backstory there
Also tsunamis would be a concern for a people living by the ocean
Went from "Morning, dove " to "mourning dove"
Not gonna lie, Artemis looks kinda like an elf, which really fits in with her personality here
Okay but that is the most accurate depiction of a newborn I have ever seen in a comic. I don't mind them but they kinda look like aliens.
Well that's a downside to immortality... surviving the unsurvivable.
Love seeing this side.
Also.... ilarina
Get him Phury, Payne needs to be taught his place (on his back)
I wear my grandma's clothes.
I look incredible.
Persephone you're so cute