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Moskua, Mokua, hmm hm hmm...
No, I'm not russian. What makes you ask?

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Sorry I haven't been updating, I was away and couldn't acsess my computor.

This is pretty short, but I like it.
pretty nice stuff you got going on here. Spriting could use a little work, but cool nonetheless.
And so our story truly begins.
Yay ad.
Bass' in some trouble.
@--Floob--: Thanks for the advice, here's what I think.

The white space between panels is kinda 'my thing' but I see where you're coming from.
I could always even out panel sizes and put a few pixels between panels.

As for making the characters bigger... I don't know. Of course I'll zoom for effect from time to time, but I don't want to 'permanantly' increase their size.

speech bubble tails is something I'm planning on doing. And I do own, but I'm going to keep the effects 8-bit for the sake of the comic.
Light's gonna have to pay for that one.