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Ossu~! Uh... I'm Rui. Haha, well, about myself? I love reading webcomics, manga, and manhwa. I'm gay, Asian, and I love being social(even though I fail at socializing... XD)
I'd love to make a comic of my own (or manga) but I don't have a lot of art skill. I'm working on that... *scratches head and grins*
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Noooo! The old man is so cool!
Stupid mustachioed jerk! D:<
That's terrible! It's hard to do anything when middle and ring finger are both missing on one hand. And both his middle fingers were cut off? Now he can't flip anyone off! DD:
Jessy?? D:
lol at the old guy and the spoon! :D
And Shuno in panel 7... so adorable!
Awww so cute~
If Shuno did that in front of me... I'd fuckin' jump him. *w*
To the above comment: LMAO
Now, on the matter of this page: Oh jellyfish GODS yes♥~
Because, Kaito, like Shuno has stated, you are smexy... *perv face* Uhuhuhu...
Awww >w<
Colt's smile is so cute. He actually looks innocent. :3
Damn, now I love Colt even more for handling all this so well. And giving that smile. ^-^
Colt must have X-RAY VISION!!! So cool!
And Kaito's face in the last panel♥
That's what matters to me too :]
I feel really bad for Colt though. I mean, he is -slightly- a douche, yeah. But still, ya know?
I'm glad that Kaito actually said that out loud though, about Shuno. Never thought he would! :'3
"It's been a while since I pulled it out." LMAO I automatically thought he meant his dick XD
*currently eating Mexican food* *w*
I absolutely love the cover, but it kinda makes me sad. It's the whole "Kaito reminds Colt of his wife" thing. The replacement thing always makes me feel sad. D:
Kaito taking the (somewhat) initiative! :D
And I love their neighbor girls! XD
In response to officerjenny's comment, I absolutely agree with you. I noticed that Shuno looks more masculine now. :3
Angel, I wish I could draw half as good as you can♥
The eyes in the fourth panel... so dark and...mmm♥
Aww, Kaito is all clinging to him! Finally! :3
Shuno wants it so bad. And who wouldn't, what with the face Kaito's making in the first panel? (I actually UNF-ed out loud XD)
Oh my jellyfish gods. I love this page so much♥
I love all the faces on this page! Especially the background people in the fifth panel and Kaito's face in the last panel XD