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I'm in school to become a veterinary technician. In my downtime, I like to draw and write about the people in my head.

I love animals, tea, robots, supernatural horror (though in the real world I am a full-time skeptic), animation, oxford commas, mythology and comparative religious studies, and anything to do with the Middle East.
I'm back from vacation! Expect regular updates.
"I have to ask you to leave from this apartment" would be "I have to ask you to leave this apartment" - no "from."

Your backgrounds and crowd scenes are lovely and combine well with what's going on.
I followed you here through Deviantart! Very interesting story you have going here, and I love the art. I see a few English grammar mistakes, and was wondering if you would like me to point them out as I see them. If not, no problem - I know some people don't want to hear what mistakes they've made once the page is posted. Just putting the offer out there :3
No updates for a couple of weeks, as I will be on vacation!
It's not easy to creep me out, but this first story creeped me out good. I'll be reading more!
Your art is lovely, and the story's got me interested. Keep at it!
Cute story ^_^ Watch how you lay out your panels - sometimes I was confused about which panel I should read first because the layout didn't make it clear. Or you could always add arrows to tell the reader which panel to read next!
I'm loving your art style! Very interesting story. I love robots so I'm happy there's an android ^_^
The lady's tall tale continues.
If you're a fellow wolf lover, don't worry - there's an explanation for all this.
This page is OLD. Please don't look at the artwork >_< I would have redrawn it, but there's not much going on here except discussion so I didn't bother.
I never did finish one of the trees :x