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Hey, I'm Emy(duh).

About me:

Sign - Taurus

* I love to read manga, mystery, vampire, and other books
* Watch anime and Live-Action Drama(such as the japanese Hana-Kimi Live-Action Drama)
* My fave place is my own imagination, my room, and the library.
* Likes drawing.
* I'm a 4'9" Filipino.
* I've got three best friends.^-^

And just to annoy you I'm going to tell u my fave manga/anime guys:

Lavi from D.Gray-man(I'm on book 12)
??? from Bleach(I'm on book 25)
Matsuda and L from Death Note(Finished Reading)
Nanashi from MAR(pronounced as mare)
Tasuki from Fushigi Yugi(Finished Reading)
And more to come....
  • Real Name
    Emy Tacoshi
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July 1st, 2011
Hey.. I don't comment much, and I haven't been on for a few years, but I just finished re-reading the whole thing. I still love your art! Also, the story is amazing even though you're only done with a few chapters. Looking forward to more frequent updates! (I know life's busy....) I think I was only up to page 10 or so when I stopped going on Smackjeeves... Keep up the amazing work! <3

P.S. I'm very envious of your ability to draw hair. How do you do it? There's so much variety, and they all look great! I especially like the girls' hair styles.
No Way...
You're going to relaunch it??? That means you'll take it all down and redraw, repost, and maybe revise the story!! I didn't even finish the old one...I'll have to reread it....
Sorry for the update nagging, complaining, and the long P.S.
-A- Omg, Yue-kun's hair grew. He looks...ok with the bowl cut, I guess. But I liked his hair before.

Did you redraw the whole manga or something? Argh...I can't remember.

I'm glad you updated since the last time I read but that was, you know, I long time ago. I see Perfect Toy has been - unfortunately- update free since September 2007, so you know what I'm going to say:

Update please. -low bow-

How could I be so stupid?!? I never noticed they were vampires until I read the 'contains' part and saw Haru's fangs, I didn't even notice Winslow-kun's when he first came into the story! I'm a big vampire fan, how can I not know...? *ashamed. totally and dreadfully ashamed.*
*Puts on a super cute teary-eyed chibi face*
No update? Pleasies??

It's been forever...I even went on a 2-year hiatus.... update? even after my 2-year hiatus?

*points over a cliff* I'll be sobbing over there.
I don't think I've commented here yet...
Your paneling skills are amazing and you've got some of my dream style...*joins the jealous club*
But I've noticed you've no updates since my 2-year hiatus, please do(update)!
I was on a 2-year hiatus!
And it seems you have too. C'mon, you've gotta have something to put up after 2007! By the way I can't seem to see any of the pages before page 8....

At least you've put up 1 page since I've last read.
Things I can't see:
Pages before page 2.
Your banner.
The giant thing on top of every page(What's it called?).

Of course, please update! Like I said on Nari-san's Orion, I've been on a 2-year hiatus and still no updates??
March 5th, 2009
-Forgot to add-
I've been on a 2- or 3-year smackjeeves hiatus and you still haven't updated??
March 5th, 2009
Like most, I love your art and can't wait for an update! T-T

P.S.I can't see ORION Volume 1//Cover through 1.11, is anyone else having this problem?
No updates...
I see you haven't updated after my *counts fingers* 1, 2...yeah, TWO YEAR HIATUS! Pls update. T-T

P.S. Yiffies...? Is that...nevermind.
September 9th, 2007
Oh.My.GOD. Max is SOOOOOOOOO hot!!!
HAhahahaha! how can she swich moods so fast? I love the last 6 or 7 pages! Great background and banner btw. I like Tsu she looks cool.
Wow! your artwork is getting much better and your coloring and shading is great too!
Wow, I haven't been here since like, FOREVER!!!(Actually since I was grounded.Still am) But 'nough 'bout me. I absolutely LOVE Haru!! I didn't think he'd look so great and HOT!!*glomps Haru* MINE!!!!
Trapinch will find some food!!

Hey, y'know what? your art is getting way better! maybe you should redraw the banner since your drawing is better.
WTF?!? That was a dream?
May 23rd, 2007
Haha! I thought that old guy's eye in the 5th panel was a bomb!

GReat page!!
May 11th, 2007
she's so scared...I wish I could help her...*grabs spikey thing and gets slashed to ribbons*
HAHAHAAAAAAAAA! i luff de argument!

I'm just acting like a random idiot 2day cuz my b-day is 2morrow!!! So don't get scared.