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G4m3r Dayze
We are peoples of unknown orientation, occupation, likes, hobbies, and ect...
In short we are a bunch of anime, manga, videogamer, nerds who make wannabe manga comics and get really drunk off tea.

We've been working on Top Class for a few years now and have big plans for it. Since we've been here we now have a facebook page and some great supporters. We're still working on getting a set uploading schedule, but we're happy with how we're progressing.

Thank you all for the support!
-Nezuchi & Manachi
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    Nezumi(Nezuchi) & Manachi
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Okay don't get too excited. We are just posting the last bit of chapter 4. We are working on chapter 5 but it's still only half drawn so I don't expect that to be done much before these pages finish posting. The "False Hope" pages are uploaded and set to release at our normal time so for the next month please enjoy the fact that we haven't completely died....
By The Way...
One of my favorite little tidbits is the description of the third pannel of this page. Normally Nezuchi writes important bits like speach and things on the side so its not inside the panel itself. But this panel reads: "The mysterious duo stands heroically before a picturesque pagoda like a pair of gods."

Just a little behind the scenes for you there!
Mission Highly Unlikely
Soooooo... when you are looking at this please imagine this theme playing in the background. Up to and including the silly moves...

Your welcome.


P.S. Happy Easter!
Reno's Art <3
So Reno gave me a few things to upload. This is the first of her lovely art. Lore get's so in to her Yaoi she kinda forgets about her roommates and with Ouji-Tori at work all the time; Reno is completely invisible!
It's a little Rough
Bishie sketched this pretty quick. So she wanted to make sure people knew that it still had most of it's pencil lines. She didn't really have time to clean it up. I(Nezuchi)cleaned it up a little bit on the computer, but it's mostly just a sketch of the group.
Oh my! That expression in the last panel. It's so amazing and adorable! I love it!
Reno & Lore
Wolves and Bugs get along great!....Right? I think. Drawn by Bishie, Part 3 - 3 for the Authorarty crew!
G4m3r Dayze
Nezuchi and Mandachi. Together they make-up G4m3r Dayze. Drawn by Bishie. This is part 2 of 3.
Bishie & Dorothy
Bishie drew this great picture of her and her lovely editor Dorothy. (If by lovely you mean scary!-Bishie) Gotta love Bishie's style of drawing, it makes me wish she'd have her own comic sometime soon!
Part 1-1 -Nezuchi
First Page
Nezuchi: Hey there! So right now I'm the only Artist for this comic, now you see why I don't do any of the really serious artwork. I like to stick with my backgrounds and chibis. So you'll have to deal, maybe I'll be able to talk some of the others to do some pages/art for this. XD
Really late reply
@Dark-Kyo123: Sorry this is so late! But thank you very much. Hopefully we wont have to redraw this page when we go back to redo the rest of the chapters. Though it might turn out that way. Drawing the background was a pain, but I'm glad you like it. -Nezuchi
We're a little late getting this up and we're very sorry for making you all wait. Here is the profile page for this chapter. We'll be uploading for Chapter 4 very soon and can't wait to show you all a big surprise!!!!
- Nezuchi
OMG Double Digits!
A big thanks to all the Top Class supporters who have gotten us this far. Chapter Three is done (minus the profile page) and we officially have a double digit amount of fans! I know there are more out there that aren't counted by the website but it's still a moment worth noting. Anyway enjoy the update and see you all again in Chapter Four!

So because of my misadventures this update comes to you late. Part one: I apologize for missing page 5 in the order. As stated above please make sure you are truly up to date on Top Class

Part two: Work left me a little prone to needing extra sleep so this is coming to you probably on Tuesday. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Yeah, my bad for accidentally skipping a page here. You would think that as hard as Nezuchi worked on the flowers I would have taken better care to remember this page... Ah well. Double late update for your reading pleasure!
Follow Us On FaceBook!
That's right! TopClass now has an official facebook fan page! So join us for a sneak preview every week and information on the artist, what the comic is going through, and maybe even a surprise contest.

We hope to see you there!!!!
One MORE Thing!
Guess what! Top Class now has an Official Fan Page!

That's right! Now you can go like Top Class on Facebook, share with your friends, and catch a preview of the newest page on Fridays before it goes live here on Smack Jeeves. I can't believe I'd ever hear myself say "Like us on Facebook!" but don't let that stop you from checking it out!

Lots of likes,
New Feature!
Presenting, our newest feature for Top Class, The Chibi Chapter End. This cute little separator between chapters is done by our lovely Nezuchi and will now be appearing at the end of each chapter. If you don't like the differences in style between the CCE's and the rest of the comic... too bad! Mandachi is not firing her writer. She want's to know what happens next as much as you all do!

PS. Yes. Mandachi, our lovely artist, cannot reach into Nezuchi's brain and pull out the plot for the next five chapters. She prefers to find out as she gets the pages what specifically happens, but she does know the general outline.

So hah!

Mandachi and Nezuchi
Ooopsie Daisy
Soooooo... sorry sorry sorry for being so late on this last page of Chapter 2. We were having technical difficulties with our background artist.... There may or may not have been a slight mental break down in there...

But you will be pleased to know that we are NOT going on hiatus again. Yes indeed you will have Chapter 3 in two weeks time. Next week is the Colette Profile page, so look forward to that!

See you in Chapter Three: Teacher's Comfort!

Mandachi and Nezuchi
Sooooooo, yeah. I'm a horrible person! I usually have the page ready to go by Friday evening and set the page to be live on Saturday at noon.

Obviously that didn't happen.

I was so busy between grocery shopping and all the other stuff I didn't get a chance to upload the page. But here it is and today we introduce Tala. If you can't guess why, she's gray toned because of her dark skin (see the chapter cover). I hope it is acceptable!

Message from Nezuchi: "That's what I get for being multicultural!"

Much Hearts!