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I know you're gay, what do you take me for?
Brother/Sister arguments. Gotta hate them.

Also, Melanie has blue eyebrows to match the blue hair?
Someone likes oranges!

Without words. That is all.

It all worked out so nicely.
Something wicked this way comes. But that's just me being skeptical. Again.
My mind can not guess what is to occur next.

Random question: Why is Peter's hair platinum blond, but his eyebrows deep black? I just noticed that at the second panel up here.

Oh, pity. We've all been there at one point or another. Gotta make it through Peter!
You seriously closed in on his face right there.
More strings to pull! *Gasp*

Must read next page...

I gave you a kiss, don't try to take a threesome!

I'm stealing this now.

But, um, I'm seeing something serious (even more so!) develop between Melanie and her father.
*Commencing the squealing*

Off to read next chapter...
Holy, I saw red bubbles in this one.

I know, not commenting before, but there was so much DRAMA in the last few chapters. And, you know, I just had to keep on reading and reading...

I see what you did there with Patrick, but I still didn't see it coming.
Where's my torch? He's gonna get burned.
He takes it back! He takes it all back!
They're all in this together!
Yes, yes it is.

Just hatin' on the awesome!
Proof! It proves everything!