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very smooth vinnie ^_^
Aww, So Sweet
absolutely adorable, the casual "uh huh" my hearts all aflutter now =)
liam's so confuzzled, it's almost heartwrenching...
lol, looks like the mel and bernie aren't to keen on meeting their fiances either ^_^
melody looks like one of those creepy china dolls ^-^;
hee hee, daisuke totally had that coming, i would've hit him too
lol what a little stinker XD. i love how ed's loosened up since his and liam's "moment"
March 9th, 2007
lol that is soooo cute....if not a bit obsessive....XD
March 7th, 2007
Love your comic!
Hiya, longtime reader first time commenter type person....just wabt to say i LOVE your comic, and i agree with everyone else.......nice evil diabolic dad.....uber creepy