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November 17th, 2015
welcome back \*o*/ !!
Welcome back! I have been eagerly waiting for updates. Good job on finishing your university studies :)

I'm looking forward to the next pages~
Welcome back! I have been looking forward to the next chapter! You've done a good job <3
I'll be missing this comic. It's basically one of the only 2 comics that still made me go on here.

I wish you all the luck to have the book printed, and I hope I'll be able to buy it online someday :D
I hope those lockers won't collapse on them...
Oh no, the team is bullying him D:
Oh god I just love this page so much <3

Oh and Nadishiko-sensei~ It's apologize and not apologies ^^
Oh my god, this is evil!

Who caught them, what's happening, what's going to happen :O!
September 15th, 2014
That "Le Tower of Migraines" is beautiful. Pretty architecture indeed.

Bobby, don't pick up. Seriously, don't pick up! If they don't call with their own number, then something is wrong!
I can handle it. I watch horror movies, there is nothing that could upset me. Well.. maybe a few things... But drugs, alcohol, murder, nah, I can live with it XD
Ew... That's sickening... Poor Bobby D:
*holds knife* may I kill him, may I kill him???

pretty please~

god, I hate it so much when parents are like that. Just accept your child the way he/she is >__<
Welcome back! Enjoy your free time from uni ^^
aww that's so adorable~
March 15th, 2014
I do it myself too sometimes. It's hard to fall asleep when your feet are like ice cubes. It just makes falling asleep easier.
Yaay~ The pages are beautiful as usual, I really wasn't expecting to see new pages of this so soon <33

Good luck with chapter 3!
Good luck! We will keep waiting for the new pages of Betovering! Just take your time ^^
January 19th, 2014
Give Jude his Colt-time already!