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Ryoko Son
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Well... This is probably the biggest and most exciting thing to come Jenny's way in a LONG time. So... Of Course she's going to overdo it! Got to make the most of it while it last! XD
For an April Fool's joke... This was a nice one! I enjoyed it... And now wish this was an actually thing... Damn it~!! DX

I also now need to play Pokemon Conquest again... Going to actually Buy it this time and not just borrow it from the library... >.>
Oh my Arceus... The way they talk is SO CUTE~!!! ^0^
Gah! Got to be the cutest paranoid mareep herd I've ever seen~<3
Emile officially kicks ass now! ^_^
Well... That happened... >.>

That's what I'm calling. No one can really blame him if he does. =P
Well, there's that white Donphan in the room. That was a little unexpected. I haven't even notice Fabio hasn't said anything this whole time. Look how observant I am... =P
Still, it'll be interesting to see where you'll go with that, especially since my little brother has autism. ^_^

Also, good comic! I don't normally read sprite or zombie comics, but this is the exception. ^_^
What the heck just happened on this page...? o.O

Mmm... Turkey.... Canadian Sandwiches... ^_^
Someone has a new piercing! 8D

... Sorry... Had to... >.<
Well... There goes Arya... V.V

...... Who Wants The Thigh!?! =D
I'm calling the wishbone! ^.^
All I can think about is what pokemon Zapdos was eating... o.o

Almost like a gory version of "Guess That Pokemon"!
I thought he was going to get a lame pokemon and I wasn't entirely wrong. An oddish... He's probably going to call it Weed. =P
Yay~!!! ^0^
Really?! Only a couple until the Volume is done!?! Oh wow~!! XD
And then season three when they meet N.... Yes... I want this to happen... =.=
You don't have to! I'm not demanding you to, I swear!! 0_0
I'm just happy everyone is okay in the end. =w=
Aw hell. This isn't looking good. o.o`
o0o ..............................?!? .0o
Does the bad reputation somehow involve floating blue flames coming out of nowhere?! O_o
@DaWubber: To look fabulous, of course. B)
*hair flip*