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Comment on Sister Acts of Another Crazy Comic by Nicolle
labradorduck, 19 Apr 2014 10:28 pm
How has everyone been doing?
I hope all of my Christian friends have a nice Easter tomorrow :-)

Oh, and about this comic, it simply MAKES my day if I get a single positive reaction from my sister, Gaby to one of my jokes.


The long and winding road... Tha-at leads... to finals week! I end my supposedly hardest year in pharmacy school in less than a month. Crazy, right?

I hadn't drawn in a few weeks, and when I started working on some illustrations for the student-run newspaper that I contribute for, I was like, "Hey! Wow! This is relaxing and fun! I sure missed this". Then again, when I started drawing again I just ended a week of three exams (Monday, Wednesday, Friday).

Speaking of which, gee! I have another triple exam week coming up early-mid-May followed by a week of 2 (or 3, depending on whether or not I decided to take an optional final) exams...

Sorry if I'm ranting about my wonderful academic calender!
Awkward Steve conversation of the week:
*on the phone*
Me: "I'm painting my nails deep purple!"
Steve: "Dit purple, what?"
Me: "DEEP!"
Steve: "I can't understand what you're saying."
Me: "The word rhymes with your old car[he once owned a Jeep]."
Steve: "Purple Truckster?!"
Comment on Just Another Day at the Pharmacy of Another Crazy Comic by Nicolle
labradorduck, 21 Mar 2014 05:50 pm
I was on Spring Break, so sorry for the BREAK last week (get it?)
I was on Spring Break this past week, so basically, after I got home, that Friday night a I just hung out with the fam, watched a lot of TV and read. OH- and I had two exams the previous week too.

I watched "Grand Budapest Hotel" today! It was definitely worth seeing on a big screen (you're able to pick out more little details). Lots of symmetry again, of course (as expected by Wes).

Continuing my discussion on Wes' forced theatrical symmetry, even when some person's four fingers get cut off, they are all equal in length and fall all in a row! Yes, that movie is definitely rated R (but no uncomfortable love scenes or anything save one shot, just language, violence, and themes!
Comment on A Jump in the Night of Another Crazy Comic by Nicolle
labradorduck, 07 Mar 2014 09:46 pm
Happy belated birthday to Janice!
It was Janice's birthday yesterday :-D

We (the ones in this comic) went to Sushi Palace and I took some pictures with some chubby cheeked orange fish.

Want something instantly calming? Here!
Comment on In Your Face of Another Crazy Comic by Nicolle
labradorduck, 01 Mar 2014 02:14 pm
Have you ever worked hard and done extra work for something only to have the tables turned on you because of a simple mistake?

During my pharmacokinetics exam, despite me going to extra recitations, studying ahead of time, and attending each lecture (where only ~30-40 people actually show up), I end up losing 10+ points on a 50 point quiz due to me not knowing how to make a negative number on the examination-given calculators ;-;. I knew how to do everything (all of the written out problems and equations were correct), but I just lost half of the total possible points for each problem that required me using the mysterious (+/-) button on the calculator- uaaaah!
*ahem* But enough of that...

The band Real Estate is releasing their next album on March 4th. I streamed their earliest two albums while coloring this page. Very nice, continuous streams of sound. Perhaps you have heard of their single, "It's Real"?!/real_estate NJ represent
Comment on Narrate This Like an Old French Film of Another Crazy Comic by Nicolle
labradorduck, 22 Feb 2014 09:41 pm
I fast-walked at the highest pace possible when I got off finally...
This was a true story! I do not 100% know what he looked like because I was trying to ignore him, but he did have:

-creepy blue eyes and wire glasses
-hiker shoes
-shoulder bag

From the corner of my eye, I DID see that he had the biggest grin on his face and that he couldn't stop shaking his leg the rest of the bus ride- UAAAAAAAH!!!

Awkward Steve Convo of the Week:

Steve: (referring to a picture of me when I was 4)"Man, your feet were SO SMALL!"
Me: "Yeah, I was 4... all kids' feet are small..."
S: "But they're so BIG now! What happened?!"
Me: "..."
Comment on Boogie Down of Another Crazy Comic by Nicolle
labradorduck, 08 Feb 2014 12:31 pm
The above happened last week
I was in a more jolly mood last week cleaning the floors...

Although I am trying to enjoy this weekend as much as possible, I have two exams in my hardest classes next week: Infectious Diseases and Medicinal Chemistry II.

I don't recall actually falling asleep before 5 am because I kept freaking out inside about how much I had to do (although I have been studying ahead of time) ;_;

Nevertheless, there will be no comic update next week because of the aforementioned exams- weh!
Comment on It probably was funnier in person of Another Crazy Comic by Nicolle
labradorduck, 01 Feb 2014 04:01 pm
Although I make fun of him here, I too am a victim of fart jokes
I tend to have a good digestive system, primed with microbial organisms breaking down my food particles and spewing their product in the form of gas. (When I first learned this watching a Magic School Bus episode when I was little- it blew my mind!)

Anyway, the following has happened to me on a handful of occasions:

I'm wearing my headphones, listening to the music on loud, and lo and behold, I let out a honker. Two times this happened in the dining hall where it it usually is too loud for anyone else to hear, but one time it was in the library. What makes it worse is that because I'm wearing headphones, it is hard for me to gauge how to react because I don't know how loud it was or if I could possibly get away with it.

Luckily in these situations, I'm not trying to hit on anyone or ace a job interview or anything.

From what I've learned watching awkward girls in awkward situations on television though (ex/ Mindy Project, New Girl), if you can embrace situations like that when it happens, it usually is a lot better than freaking out on the inside.
Comment on Mastication of Another Crazy Comic by Nicolle
labradorduck, 25 Jan 2014 07:32 pm
I want to wear capris again
What is your favorite music to listen to when you have a case of "cabin fever?"

Cooped up in my apartment watching people literally STRUGGLING to get around in this weather, I like to cozy up with some peppermint tea and some John Gary.

Awkward Steve conversation of the week!

Me: "You used to attribute me to all these weird things, like, 'You're my cinnaminny cup of hot cocoa!'"
Steve: "'re like my native."
Me: "...what?"
Steve: "My native from Hot Girl Island"
Me: "OMG."
Comment on Minutiae of Another Crazy Comic by Nicolle
labradorduck, 16 Jan 2014 01:45 pm
Last comic before my school starts again- weh!
Steve and I had a conversation a few days ago about habits or new interests the two of us have picked up since we have started dating. There are a bunch of funny ones that I can only explain in person (ex/ making weird onomatopoeia when one is at a lack of better words).

One of the other things I picked up from Steve is a better appreciation for "wall-of-sound" music. If you scroll through Steve's iPod, it's practically all he has except for She & Him. What is "wall-of-sound"? I suppose Steve can give you a better explanation, but what I make of it is that the general genre contains heavy, continuous instrumentals which neither overpower or underlay the vocals (if any). This genre includes the Beach Boys, Flaming Lips (PLEASE spare yourself from listening to "The Terror", though), Beach House (probably my favorite of his), Radiohead, Fleet Foxes...

Would I want to see any of these bands in person? Probably not (I think one of those shows would mostly be an excuse for someone to get high in a crowd), but the genre makes good study/drawing music.

I'm not sure about what exactly, but my spidey-senses are telling me that Steve is going to criticize or make fun of this blog post...
Comment on He Should Stick with Science Fiction of Another Crazy Comic by Nicolle
labradorduck, 10 Jan 2014 09:47 am
Another conversation between me and Steve
Me: "Why do you like pulling my chair towards you when we're in a big group?"
Steve: "It makes me feel manly! It's basically me asserting to everyone else that you're mine- not that I'm afraid of you running out on me."
"So, you're like a dog peeing on a tree... and the tree is me"
S: "I GUESS so."

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