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Hello, we are Mannickin4! We are a group of 4 people who love to create. Our first project Fantasy Matrix features 2 main artists: N-chan and A-kun. The M&Ms (M-sama and M-tan) help with the story line, character designing, and other misc. things.
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    N-chan, A-kun, and the M&Ms
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Middle World
Hi everyone! Just some bonus material as the FM team gets to work on the third chapter! We present to you, the map of the middle world. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

I just love feeding pets! It's satisfying to watch them happily gulp down stuff... turtles are especially fun to watch. When mine sees someone nearby it swims like mad against the glass, until you give it food or walk away. After feeding it I feel happy that its little belly is full :)

Em's not the only one on this page with this feeling...

Thanks for reading :)

Ah, the relief of getting your health back after a couple of close calls...

Too bad energy drinks don't work instantaneously in the real world (or do they? I've never had Red Bull or anything like that .-. ), that would be some amazingly fast-absorbing food.

Thanks for stopping by... this chapter's almost done!

Now that I think about it, the last 2 panels out of context look kind of like Pike is supporting Em the alcoholic and buying her a couple beers or something... the whole potion shop could be like a "mix your own cocktail" kind of place O.o

It was fun drawing all the bottles in the background though... NOT

Thanks for reading!

Amazing page <3
I REALLY love the mood of this page... the lighting is great, the layout captures the passing of time perfectly, and Chris' expression just makes me want to give her a hug!

I'm reading this with slow-ish Internet connection so when the page was loading and revealing itself gradually it just seemed so cinematic. Awesome work, I'm a fan of Mokepon as well :)
And now to continue the gag with Pike's name XD I'm not sure if it can go on, I only know those 2 definitions... I like the contrast between them though, and the possibility for misunderstanding, but why would someone name himself after a fish rather than a cool-looking weapon? Hmmm...

Ilena was actually M's character design, I am just drawing it for the sake of speed and consistency. I'm still trying to draw her without having her look like another person in every panel.

Thanks for reading!

End of chapter 2!
This concludes the second chapter. What will happen next? You're not the only ones wondering, ha ha.

Oh my this sure took a good long while. There was that thing, school, among other things, laziness and procrastination and creativity block, that made it so that FM was basically untouched for a year. It's hard to find time and get together in person to brainstorm or draw. Maybe someday we'll master digital drawing and FM will be composed solely of pixels like the world is supposed to be!

We have envisioned a good chunk of the future events and hope to make FM a 3-part story with several chapters per part. It may take a bit longer to decide exactly what happens next, but in the meantime expect some bonus art to thank our fans, both the ones who have stuck around since the very start and the new ones who have joined us this chapter!

Welcome Back!
We are now resuming weekly updates on Saturday! Hope you guys keep up!
Awesome work, each page always seems to come alive with movement! I can totally see this as a super exciting anime, especially the first time Ryu tried the invention!
@Havockitten: Thank you for your support! We're currently finishing up chapter two, most of the pages are already drawn, so keep an eye out ;)
@Havockitten: Thank you for the support!!!
A-kun here, uploading a new page without N-chan's permission... :3 Just wanted to update this comic and tease you guys a bit. I apologize for the inconsistent's mostly me experimenting with tones and getting warmed up after not doing it for a while. Please bear with me, thanks!
lol Babyface XD
I don't know why but I keep reading "trainee" as "fiancee"... and things get really weird O.o
Chie's face is too cute
Wow... I really love this page... choice of colour, pose, the way the uniforms are drawn, and the overall mood... what a great tribute.

I enjoy the way you use your characters to bring attention to events outside of their story world. It gives your work that much more meaning and a kind of self-awareness... please keep it up!
oh no! D:
how could he do that to poor Mei?
can't wait to see what happens next... keep up the great work, I enjoy all of your stories so much!
There won't be an update this week due to A's stupid schedule at school. We apologize! We will be back next week, hopefully with 2 new pages. In the meantime, please enjoy this random picture close up.

Another page
Behold, Pixel-face's name has finally been revealed! Pike! You guys didn't expect such a name did you? Since the other characters Em and Leon have such common names. More characters will be coming your way as we continue to unravel the story so stay tuned...

Meanwhile, school has started for Mannickin4 and it's quite intense. I wish my life could be like Em's. Wishing you guys the best.

Cover page
Usually A does all the toning and shading, but this page was personally shaded by N, the artist for Pike.
@Black Collar: Well, yes, he may come off as rather cold for the time being... but stick around, things will get interesting :)

Thanks for reading!
Pixel Face's big close-up
I usually have fun drawing the pixels on this player's face! They're supposed to be constantly shifting position and colour, just add that detail into your imagination please to further your FM experience :D

Also, Pixel Face is not his actual name, but that's what we called him for the longest time before we settled on a proper one... loyal readers shall find out eventually. As always, thanks for coming round!