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T^T Charisse is cuu-uute~
Everyone's saying that the princess looks too old o_.''
... I think she looks hot. I'd marry her (err maybe not. But anyway). Shut up ._.''

.. ยด^`
Anyway. Much love for this comic~
Allana was a cutie ;_;
Wow. Since everybody has already said what I wanted to say, I'm just going to say this:

I LOVE HOW YOU DRAW ANN *___* And I really, really,really love how you drew her back.~
Ahh, wonderfull. I love her neck <:

Yesyes, the old Nightwish was good! I think the new singer is, well, she can sing, but her voice doesn't fit into that kind of music I think. /: But yeah, whatever~
Yay, thanks!
Hahaha, pencils is the thing I need to practice on too. D: Miyavi was my first drawing of a person that I didn't color on my computer, so this is my second. :'33
Patti smiiiith
*spams everyone with drawings*

Jeez, people, post something! D: ~

Anyway, just a doodle of Patti Smith I made when I was lisning to her song ''I am the warrior''. I'm gonna send it as a christmas card to a friend of mine who also loves Patti n__n~
... I love Lev.D:

... Lev means live in norwegian hahaha- *shoot*
They're japanese n3n
Hihi, thanks! n3n~ He's a robotcook. Robohoho~
Aww, thanks!~ My coloring is something I'm a bit proud of, since I don't really know how to use my program the best and have only been coloring on my comeputer for like.. Well, getting close to a half year <:
Thank yoou <:
Really? I think the hair came out sorta.. I dunno, like I rushed it a lot :'3
Yes. Weeeell ok, this is also not an illustration to a song. Sorry! Buuut I like this drawing. I made it for a friend, since she loves S-san, the drummer in Mix Speaker's inc. One of my fav band. Lawl. So yeah.. I kinda like the coloring on this, I didn't use so much more than a hour! x__x

Mmm yeah~
Gosh, it's really pretty! D: And yeah, the hands are very good too.~ I like the pose. :3

Gosh he looks like one of my teachers. ... ;__; Scary-yy.
Gosh, cuuuute D: I love curly redheads. Yeah. And rainbows. And blue eyes. And stuff.

Awwh, how cute. What program do you use when you draw? Paint? If that's the case: Skillz.
Yeah, well, it's not an illustration to a song, but one of my fav artists. n__n Geee, sorry if it sucks a bit, it's actually quite old x3..
Wow! I love it. <:
Love the pink and black togheter and the details you've drawn in the hair. Wonderfull! n__n
Wow. This is fucktastick!~

ah, love pink floyd to death. <: