I've been drawing all my life, but I've only taken an interest in manga in the last 5 years.

Through it I've met some incredible people and read many inspiring comics. I hope some of you will enjoy my comics too! :>

Ahh man a one sided rebound relationship was never gonna end well for Mirror :'( Mano's tats are really nice though *w*
<img src="http://i.imgur.com/7mFVbWj.gif">
@Blackchick: I'm learning how to be patient with myself and forgive mistakes. Feeling guilty is actually my motivating force to keep going :x

@miakoda.kara: Thanks :) I know that logically you don't just wake up and lose a skill but it sure felt like that recently >~< There's no point trying to force it but I would really like to get back to weekly updates haha

@Riaya: I've always said that I'd finish this comic even if it kills me. If I gave up at the last hurdle I think I'd feel like such a failure, so I'll just think of all the love and support I've had till now, and all the cute things to come and keep moving forward (even at this snail's pace!)

@doireallyhave2: This is such a lovely comment, thank you for taking the time to write it!!! I showed it to my mum too xD

I don't know what I've done to deserve you all. I've always been an unreliable author and have taken loads of long breaks throughout this comic but the fact that people have still stuck around and write me nice comments is like.. aaah. It really wouldn't be an overstatement for me to say that you guys have kept me alive and going. But I'll try not to write a long speech here when we haven't even reached the end shsjshjs
Thank you for your support!
(Someone get that 'On Hiatus' off my comic! My excuses are in the alt/hover text so feel free to ignore them)

Shen Panel 5: Forgot his own name
Shen Panel 6: Thinks he left the oven on
@Blackchick: Sorry that it ended up being four weeks of time to muse :''X

@Arcane Allusion: We got there eventually XD

@Ash2004: Your wish is my command ;) (I added in a lot more kisses bc of this comment xD)
Joa is speechless.. But that makes me kind of nervous! I wonder if he will actually like it? :O
Not that I like vulgar people but are some creative insults. I wish I had a reason to call someone a wank stain XD (in my head)
Can we forget that this is a week late and just be excited that it's early instead of Thursday? Anyway, this is the page for the week so sorry if I got anyone excited thinking there might be double updates ^^'
@Arcane Allusion: Let's just hope Ethan isn't too dense to pick up on it XD

@Blackchick: They're both endearingly idiotic :')
Seems like a shady transaction.. Gives a new meaning to the term blood money though XD I'm curious to learn who the donor is..
@Arcane Allusion: You're about to find out the true extent of his lack of observation XD

@Blackchick: Laughter is the best medicine as they say ^^
I really like the angle you chose for the last panel! Um.. just had to get that out there XD
@Arcane Allusion: <img src="https://68.media.tumblr.com/065822d855faf8089c1490f818c0dde4/tumblr_oqi5z 9DUuV1w6i3udo1_540.png">
Oh Shen, who said anything about thinking 'straight' ;)

Haha sorry, this isn't what's going to happen, but when I read your comment the idea just popped into my head XD

@miakoda.kara: I didn't know if anyone actually paid attention to those! XD Guess I should be careful what I write...

Blackchick: Yeah, unfortunately plot comes before porn haha!

Riaya: Seems so.. Well there's a reason Shen calls Ethan a blockhead x)
Mirror is an unstoppable fireball of fury ^^
@Arcane Allusion & @Supernova9817: Yeah, that's Shen's speech bubble. I was testing out doing inverse balloon tails, but I think I should stick to keeping them pointing outwards.. Sorry for the confusion!

@Ash2004: Don't leave me :'( Well you can if you want but XD Ethan's going to have to be honest at some point 0:)

@Diabolical Madness: Glad you've enjoyed it so far!!
Kiss attack from mum, the sweetest pain ^^
@Arcane Allusion & Ash2004: Ahaha thank you <3 That panel is actually the reason I was late (Shen really didn't want to show his bod to the world wide web XD) But I'm glad you like how it turned out ^^

@summerstorm: No one can resist the sparkle power. No one ;)

Blackchick: We'll have to see if you guess it right 0:)

@Riaya & VampLover2012: I was waiting for someone to pick up on that XD You might just have to use your imagination for that ;P

@miakoda.kara: Happened to me on a few occasions XD
Love is it the air in this scene //^w^//
Sorry I'm late!
@Blackchick: It's such random dialogue but once it popped into my head I had to add that in XD

@boiseboo: Only took him over two decades to realise XD

@summerstorm: Liking men goes against the sort of stereotypical machoness Ethan grew up with so I think it's taken a lot for him to be able to accept it :)