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Just a nerd from Finland, who's interested in making comics and games.

If you want to check out more of my stuff here's some links:
Comic blog:
Hello to the lot of you, who have patiently waited for this comic to return. Please forgive me for taking this long to inform you about the process, but to be honest, there's been a lot going on the past few years.

I'm happy to say that the comic is continuing as in RIGHT NOW you can read it at and it updates weekly, on Thursdays! But here's the deal, it's not exactly the same comic as I posted here years ago. Thing is, I recruited a friend to help me with the story and in the process we ended up revising the whole thing! It still has the same 'heart' as the original one, but the... outcome? Is quite different. Similar characters in a similar setting, but still 'different'. You'll see, I mean go and have a look!

--> <--
Aww man your art style is really nice. The sketches are fun to look a too~<3
I'll be checking in every now and then if you happen to update ;y
September 17th, 2013
Aww thank you, GabrielsThoughs I really appreciate that :) And I happy to see there's someone as exited as I am!!
Aww man.. Forgot to reply to these forever ago, I am so sorry...
I'm glad to hear that :) and the comic will be as good as I can make it in the time. Hehe, maybe it's the fact that they're "aliens"?
Thank you!! And yeah, they're fine with me having the comic in the internet. They have reading samples on their webpage as well to help people to get know the comics so they're really understanding on that matter.
September 16th, 2013
Hello hello! This here is just a fake Finnish movie poster I made, but I have some news for you again!

Since I've started making the storyboard for the next part it shouldn't take long from now until I can start working on the comic. Yes, I wasn't able to start on the comic this summer, but I'm still going to start working on it soon. Isn't that all that matters, right?... Right??

Anyhow, I would like to say this comic starts updating regularly this winter, but I hate breaking promises so I won't promise it this time. However I am working on it now, but I have my own life to deal with as well with school and bunch of other projects that seem to pile up out of nowhere...

So bear with me! All I want to say is that this comic's future is starting to look a bit brighter and I will eventually start updating it regularly in here so until next time!
Miss me?
Sorry for not informing about this comic in such a long time! But I have some good news, my lovely readers! I have a publisher!

It was actually some time ago already that they contacted me and said they wanted to publish the Escorter, but I'm writing here now, since the better version of this comic was published almost two weeks ago! I had to make some changes to it like add backgrounds and I even changes some bits of a story just a bit. I might not be putting the new pages here and unfortunately the published album is only in Finnish. I propably won't make English copies, unless it gets popular outside of Finland.

I have something else to tell you too though. I've started writing the next part for this comic and I was wondering, if I should put it here as well. I propably won't get around drawing it too soon, since I first have to do the script and then the storyboard and all that, but it shouldn't take too long either. I could also update it at a steady pace this time.

For the time being you can also follow the news in facebook, where I have established a fanpage for the comic(don't be scared of the Finnish, it also has translations!):
@CharleyJay: Actually it was Fury Attack, which was simultaneous for 5 times and had 2 critical hits on it. My persian was actually a few levels stronger, so it was just really bad luck :/
New part, guys!
@Laufente: That's awesome. Thanks for the comment! :)
And that's all the comic's I have for now. To tell you the truth, this comic hasn't updated in a year, but after this hecticness in my life cools down a bit, I'll try to focus on this comic again, so hopefully you'll have more frequent updates :)
@CharleyJay: Oh really? I always thought that everyone would think "Oh god, she's still sad about her" and all that, but I'm glad to hear someone doesn't ;w;
@CharleyJay: Yeah, the cubone was just for the story, I didn't actually catch one.

And I'm honestly glad to hear I've inspired you :)
Also I forgot to post this last time, but I actually made some sort of little epilogue animation for the last part
@Fluffyllama: I am really sorry to hear that :(
@CharleyJay: Yeeeaaah, my ideas are very improvised, because I just come up with this stuff as I go. There might be some illogical events along the way (in fact, I think there already is) but I'm just trying to make the story to be enjoyable for myself to do so I don't want to see so much trouble on the storywriting, to be honest. (also just replying to your previous comments)

P.S. No room for Meowth, because at the time she was just pretty much a HM slave, not really a member of the team.

And about my team, you'll see~
@CharleyJay: Weeell you could also say that I just put more effort to it, might've improved too I guess. :u
Anyway thanks for your comment :)
September 11th, 2012
Thank you so much to all of you. I'm really glad you've enjoyed this little comic of mine.

I'm going to be honest though, more story won't be coming in a few years. My material for it is still very little, so I just don't want to get your hopes up. I might draw other comics on another field though so don't worry :)
So I had to split this part in two 'cause it was too big for smackjeeves. I might need to do the same to some parts. Just saying so it might not confuse you.
@MissNyuu: Aww thank you :)
September 9th, 2012
The last page
Aaaand that's finally the last page. I hope you've enjoyed this little scifi story of mine. This is merely a little introduction to a longer series I've been planning for and I'm hoping to get started with more stories in the near future :)
But for now, it's The End.