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Well I'm a guy who grew to like and start creating comics, Both sprite and drawn.

Most of my sprite comics reside here, which are Below

Sprite Comics.
A Zaku's Tale
Step and Steel
Nyancat6650 Original Tournament
MegaBit Madness

(A slight note, im slowly drifting apart from sprite comics, so things have come to almost a near standstill, i may start to comic again, im just not entirely sure when. Plus real life has taken some interesting changes and will probably finally settle sometime within the next two months, so i thank you for the understanding.)
I hope it's a Fancy room.
@Mastermind9: Well I mean its only free will that they don't wanna comment, That or they legit have nothing to say towards whats going on.

I mean I understand people want comments but going about it this way was all wrong and could have been handled a little bit better then this.
@Nick Cypher The Flames: Maybe its because people actually have lives and focusing more towards it, but then again this is probably all for attention and I'm just feeding you that.
@DarkScarz: Ayyyyyy-nt no problem Glad I'm useful :D
Welp been wanting to do this for the longest time

Btw you might need them sprites for said mode;
even though gizard will make the others do all the work, dirt+fabulous=one pissed drama queen.
Welp there ya go.....Imma go watch some more G Gundam now.
whoop whoop I'm bringing him back!
That alternate ending woulda made a great april fools page..
*cue various puns about blowing a top*
yaaaaaay sandrock gundam :D
:c machines need moar love...
Im just waiting for that moment when haoss unleashes that ungodly dark final form.
Theres a hole in his chest and hes bleeding out...and hes barely hurt. Huh