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Oops I died for two years.
These are easily the most dull and useless characters I've ever seen added to a comic. All they do is legitimately run their mouths, Gimme SSJ3 epic fight back.
I hope it's a Fancy room.
@Mastermind9: Well I mean its only free will that they don't wanna comment, That or they legit have nothing to say towards whats going on.

I mean I understand people want comments but going about it this way was all wrong and could have been handled a little bit better then this.
@Nick Cypher The Flames: Maybe its because people actually have lives and focusing more towards it, but then again this is probably all for attention and I'm just feeding you that.
@DarkScarz: Ayyyyyy-nt no problem Glad I'm useful :D
Welp been wanting to do this for the longest time

Btw you might need them sprites for said mode;
even though gizard will make the others do all the work, dirt+fabulous=one pissed drama queen.
Welp there ya go.....Imma go watch some more G Gundam now.
whoop whoop I'm bringing him back!
That alternate ending woulda made a great april fools page..
*cue various puns about blowing a top*
yaaaaaay sandrock gundam :D
:c machines need moar love...
Im just waiting for that moment when haoss unleashes that ungodly dark final form.