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Well drawing of course. Also I play the piano. I also want to be an author. if you want you can read some of my stories on figment.

Is it wierd to like Marilyn Manson? O_o everyone says hes creepy, but I think its funny.
Quick thingy for now,,,
Well, all the pages before started to look like, crap, so I just deleted the pages and im redoing them. I will start updates again over fall brake. It is hard form me to get time to draw lately, school and etc.

Edit:Well, now the pages are being redrawn. So, newermpages are beng posted ^__^
Well of course, Kaynine has to stand up. Soon to come somthing a bit more, crazy, you could say. :3
Well heres the first page :)
Everyone likes street fights, Kaynine does by the look of that smile.
Actual pages starting soon :)
Well, im starting a story. Its kinda like Romeo & Juilet but on a whole other scale and in the current century. I hope you all like the story :) And enjoy Kaynine and Rykers issues and past.
This is Stain, Cheshires older sister :D
Gotta love older siblings
Well im finally getting used to my wacom. Alot of practice. Up there is Lovett. There actully is gonna be a part like this later but i dont wanna ruin the suprise :)
Well, im gonna start updates again :D Probaly on wensday or friday. Well i drew two main characters. De, our main character and then Risk. She will be introduced later, and shes very violent.
I keep thinking this should be a show on TV. on fox or comedycentral or somthing :D
I agree 100% with projectheart :P I love this A LOT! :D
Key word, 'Probably"
I love this, but you should updateon Mangamagazine since I noticed your works also there
April 13th, 2012
OMG! You should know Kira means Killer, I know since thats my name ^_^ People at school call me killer, except teachers and new students find it wierd and disturbing
^_^ I really like this story, I hope it becomes more popular.
So farI really like this. ^_^ I really hope you finnish the whole story.
The Award For Most Inconvenient Weapon Goes To- that guys whoes name we dont know yet. I am wondering if he might decapitate himself.
Also, for this story is good and needs to be more popular.
April 8th, 2012
I have no idea how that turns into a 4-digit code when theres only 3 numbers on the CDE keys of the piano.