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I'm not actually much of an artist. I write, but mostly in prose form, comics are so much harder because you have to consider placement and such too! But I do love reading them!

I love reading books, especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

I'm currently in college.

I like cows, 'cause they're cute. ^^

I like watching anime and reading manga. (Hahaha, yeah...I like shonen-ai...^__^ *petpet*)

I'm bad at poetry. Also at being serious for too long. Life is just too darned funny.
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DT, Atty is useless, it's up to you!
Just get that tail near your muzzle..burn off that rope...AND FLAMETHROWER. =P Atty's no action hero...but DT totally is.
Remember the song from the Diglett episode?
Diglett Dig! Diglett Dig! TRIO.TRIO.TRIO.
@SeriousJupiter: You don't just eat food you find lying on the floor!
Maybe he won't get to keep the Eevee...but Ash has earned badges for way less character development than shown here. =P
@TouhouShake: "Chuu~"
It's RAT
Rat did lots of extra training and now it's ready to take on a Raichu and be a hero just like Ash's pikachu! George is gonna flip her lid!
Everyone knows that smokers have no sense of smell! Gloom will be no problem for Atty! In fact, maybe Venus's new odor will be a George repellent for him, haha.
That's the one you gotta TRADE a Spearow for! Watch out, Atty!
It's AT LEAST a 20 level difference here. D= Poor DT.

Maybe Rat can zap it. Both DT and Rat were doing some special training, right?
Hah, well...let's just see if that Charizard has the attitude problem that Ash's used to have. As I recall, most gym leaders didn't have all the gym badges themselves... =P
Use Attract, DT!
I don't care iff it's not one of your moves! MAKE THAT DRAGON GUY LOVE YOU. Then he'll only have a 50% chance of hurting you...(or a 100% chance if you fall in love back! D=)
My interpretation is that Rat has just been forced to realize that he's going to be forced to fight in this gym. Or maybe that he'll never be as loved by Atty as that Volta is by Euphrate.
I like how Atty is all, "Well, looks like the fish would like to be in the water...I'll help it out a bit." *NUDGE*

" it drowning? Just swim, already, you're a fish."
It's obvious that Rat's previous experiences have taught it to tuck and roll.
Atty is one of *those* trainers. the ones who wait until their pokemon is just barely hanging on, red bar and think you've totally got this battle in the bag...

...then BAM!

Hyper Potion. >_>
DT! Give it the eye!
Leer it, DT. Leer it for all you're worth! O____O
September 24th, 2012
DT will be a beautiful Charmeleon!

Personally, I always thought the Charmander-Charmeleon-Charizard line was the cutest overall of the starters. I only evolve my Squirtles into Wartortles...and I never evolve my Bulbasaurs. XD
September 20th, 2012
Obviously Jigglypuff there just got out her microphone. XD
Actually, it would be pretty cool if this experience gave Atty the passion to try and change his world so that people can;t just mug you if you lose a Pokemon battle. XD
You know, Atty might have a chance. All those stories about supernatural blind powers surely aren't about to figure in here. XD

Atty's "Tell the critter to go fight" strategy isn't exactly going to give Mr. No-See-Ums over there any hint as to what Rat is doing.