Eh, I don't feel Damon did too much "strategery" here. Vinnie's the one who pointed out one of the Staggs needed to leave and he was absolutely right. Aside from that Damon wants to jump his alliance's ship as soon as humanly possible. And.....well, T's the only one she can really talk to about that.

But that technicality aside....GO DAMON!
My bet is Vinnie swaps the vote to T and Stagg whiffs his 3rd idol on Doris or himself, officially making him the worst idol player in SFC history.
This has got to be one of the best challenges of the season. Hands down. Maybe ever..... Thanks for the effort here SWSU, it really shows~

As for the reward, I feel it would have been more strategically beneficial if Stag, T, and Damon won this, since they could then talk to Damon two on one. I also feel it would have been more socially beneficial for them because.....who on earth wants to go to Rougeport for a vacation!? I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE that it's going to show up. I love TTYD! But.... there's better odds of Sierra and Riley getting mugged than them having a good time, while Stagg, T, and Damon could really handle themselves. Bowser Jr. should have a good time though.

Looking forward to that Goombella sprite btw SWSU~
Yeah, Vinnie's getting a little too comfortable for his own good. IS Vinnie. So I can't really tell if this is supposed to bite him in the rear or if it's just going how it's supposed to go. Either way, both Staggs staying much longer still does not seem like a likely scenario....
Vinnie's on home turf with this war. Pretty sure we're gonna see another casualty or two from this side before much changes moving forward.
Yeeeeaaaah, he kinda had this coming.

On the bright side, T is back in familiar waters in being in the minority of her tribe once again!
And with that, one of the most rootable characters left have left the building.

Brandi was a very entertaining character. While I think I was in the minority, I did really enjoy Brandi all throughout last season, and it was very enjoyable to see her fleshed out so much in this following season. A bit of a shame she leaves here, but as SWSU said, she finished her stories, and it makes sense for her to go. I'm glad she was at least able to leave with a lot more dignity in tact this time around.

.....Btw, Angelo's baby face is absolutely horrifying O.o
They're trying to persuade Sierra, but I honestly think they'd have an easier time persuading Damon. It WAS Angelo who was voted out after all. And while they don't know this, he's only staying with them for splitting up the groups, which is already not happening this round.

Even if They can't get Damon for this vote, talking about this stuff to him now would probably bring them over for the next one...

As for the vote, I think Bowser Jr is leaving 7-3. Sierra's requirement to trust her sister is going to be getting her to flip with her.
Yeeeeaah, don't worry guys, everything thinks that minigame is unfair. And that's because it is. Those shyguys are jerks....
Well....they made their pitch at least. Too bad they were too busy putting themselves into a sweets coma to go headfirst into making headway though.

P.S. on a note probably literally no one cares about~ Figured I'd switch my avatar for a day for a contest/promotion thingie for a Kickstarter I liked. I know this sorta thing normally doesn't get some sort of announcement, but.....this is probably the first time I've changed my avatar in....5 years? Give or take? Ever since I first started commenting here, regardless.

Either way, I'll be changing back in a day or so :p
I mean.....he's not exactly wrong. But then again, people like Vinnie never are.
Oh come on Skippy, you find ONE player with less backbone than you and you choose to pick on him? I have to Boo that behavior, good sir...
@Smasher 101: Well, they probably feel that she's the most likely to swap. That, and they probably think she's the one who swapped last round and are wanting to ask her about it in a situation where she won't deny it if she did.
Luigi's Mansion is the best game, so of course it makes for the best of challenges as well~
Correction SWSU. Him being a goober is WHY this is the perfect relationship~
Puppy kisses from a dog is cute. Puppy kisses from a werewolf is simply whetting his appetite for his next meal....

Past that, Sierra may not have been the one who flipped, but I think there's good odds she flips next.....
@Housemaster: At least he gets it honestly.
Heh.....taking back her outburst immediately was kinda cute. Glad she's not too mad, no matter how it seems.
@SWSU-Master: Heh, yeah, I bet it would be~
@Slicer: The Stagg's alliance WON the vote. By using the idol on literally anyone (including Doris) it was still wasted. I thought that was pretty obvious? (Edit: I suppose that last line is fairly unnecessary, but it was fairly unnecessary from you as well....)

If you remember the note from yesterday, it even told them they'd leave with an idol intact if they listened to them, but for some reason they used it in a situation that had nearly a 0% chance of using it successfully. Either the note was telling the truth (and they didn't need to use the idol at all, which is what happened), or it was lying (in which case, the only person you can bet ISN'T receiving votes is the one they say is, because they're already lying to trick you).