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@Sine Diego: Welcome back Diego. It's been a while~
Jeannie's still great~ And...can someone tell me a little about the game Joy is from? She sounds like she's basically a robot. I'm guessing that's intentional, but I'm sorta confused?

As for the vote, Logic says Lester leaves, while the amount they bring to the story and Medium Curse says Naomi leaves.

I'm hoping for Lester, but I'm expecting Naomi.
I much as I want Quickscope to go home first on his tribe, I have to admit it's in Derek's full interest to keep him. Pretty sure it's not going to go as easy for him as he thinks though. Probably because of Mele.

And....seems stuff is about to get interesting for First Boot and the tribe!
Jeannie is great! I'd be worried about her tribe losing immunity, but at this point the only people for sure not leaving are Jeannie and Lester. And even Lester is not 100% safe because he can't keep his mouth shut. And I'm pretty fine with anyone not-Jeannie leaving, so we'll see how this goes.

As for Jenny and Ollie....I feel like she just found the "on" switch? Either way, things should be interesting in the Koko camp tonight...
Did....SWSU just bring up multiverse theory explaining how all of these characters come together? YAY FOR SFC LORE! It'll be really interesting if some of what she said turns out to be true...

Also, I quite like Mele, but she's REALLY difficult to get a strong read on~
I much as Tony is digging his own grave, I appreciate that he's keeping Amadeus from getting the idol. And out of all of the obvious villains and semi-villains this season, Tony's probably the most enjoyable to watch for me. Probably because so little has gone his way up to this point, making it more tolerable. Poor Pikmin though. If this was my game, I'd definitely restart the day after losing that many.
Hm....well, seems Naomi is the real deal. Probably. I hope we get to see her talk to Ghost type Pokemon at some point~

Meanwhile, it would appear Lester has an idol. May not be the best person to have on your side Naomi, but allies are always nice to have. Now let's just hope Lester can keep his big mouth shut about this whole ordeal...
Huh, I'm probably going to like Jahira more than I was expecting. And we officially know why Nezumi is on this tribe! Wonder if this'll ever come in handy....Could make her a good spy at least.
@DrMarble: ....And I just watched Juni Taisen Zodiac War last season, with the Rat theme MC named Nezumi.....Man I'm slow.

In all fairness though, I forgot that People could transform into animals instead of swapping genders in the Ranma series, so there is that.
@SkySurfer: Derek is the "cool guy." Kids are always trying to get the attention of this character in games.
Oh wow....we have a veteran here! Sorta... This makes me really wish I read all of the cast reveal comments. I was slightly late to reading the cast reveals and there were....a lot of comments. I didn't see this coming at all. Though it helps that I didn't remember him either until they started to talk about it. I'm always happy to see old players come back who never got much of a shot their first time around. Especially someone like Slash who got voted out with getting one of the least chances to play the game. Nice touch putting him on the Brawn tribe again btw.

It makes me worried that he could relive his placement from his last season. Or at least it we didn't have Quickscope on the tribe as Mr. First Boot. And unlike Mr. Deus Ex Machina, I don't think he's gonna have an idol. So I'm pretty sure he's safe.
Well, seems Amadeus actually didn't know anything about Charity....scratch off the one smart thing he had done so far I guess. Well, except for knowing that everyone wanted to vote him out day 3, but it wasn't exactly hard to figure that one out. Btw, good job on that scented candles comment before. Amadeus talked about all of the random junk in his suit so much that, and purifying toxic oxygen was already something canon with the series that the fact he uses scented candles cancelling Charity's aroma completely went over my head! Well done.

And we officially know why Cutie is on the Eccentrics tribe now~
@SWSU-Master: That's fair. It would feel quite forced otherwise afterall.
Yeeeeaaah, can't say I'm too surprised. You had it going pretty well SWSU, though I will say you laid her gloating on a bit thick in yesterday's comic. A single comment in the confessional about persuading Tony with her aroma was one thing, but she rambled about it for a TAD too long. Unless it was intentional to be foreseeable from last comic, because I will admit, until yesterday the possibility of Charity leaving didn't even come to mind. Especially with the cast preview. She had arguably one of the safest previews of the entire cast to make it far into this game. And one decoy boot? On this tribe sure, but There was someone on 3 tribes that felt prime for a first boot. For all intents and purposes, I'd say this was pulled off well.

And with that, I....guess we're stuck with Amadeus for a while! As much as I love Pikmin, I can't say I'm too happy with this outcome. Charity looked like she would have been an interesting character, and Amadeus can be.....a tad insuffurable. But we need characters of all kinds! And with the people remaining on this tribe, it kinda does feel like Amadeus will be leading Pikmin from here on out.
Well, there is a second reason why voting Amadeus out could be a bad plan. You're in a very obvious 2-2 deadlock if you vote out Amadeus. Keeping him for one round and THEN voting him out would be smarter from a simple numbers viewpoint....but there's also the simple factor that having him on their tribe increases their odds of losing again by a LOT. It's mostly the question if ditching Amadeus can keep you from going to TC again until the tribal swap or not.

As for Charity, she came off as somewhat arrogant/conniving here. I can't tell if this was just some strange phrasing, if this is her start as a villain, extremely small chance of a boot episode.

Speaking of which, seems that Amadeus is doing something! If he's half as smart as he thinks he is, it's looking for an idol. If he DOES get an idol, it's either Tony or smaller chance Charity going home. What I HOPE happens though is the Pikmin are too slow bringing the idol to him and they reach TC with the idol just as he gets eliminated.
Day 3 & 4 of FNAF HERE WE GO!

And it seems we have our first duo on the Followers tribe, and it just took everyone doing....nothing in a crisis.
@Blastoise_FTW: Dude's an 8 1/2 year old chump, but even they know how to follow and execute orders in a single-player fps. I'd call it less "teamwork" and more "following orders."
Huh, so it wasn't the team with the literal dead weight OR the member who almost died. Interesting.

Amadeus needed to prove that him in a giant awesome robot was worth keeping....well, him, and he did not succeed in doing so. Quite certain Amadeus is going home here.
Whoo! Glad we got the Medium Curse out of the way! It would have felt odd if the first elimination just came and went with no mention of it....though I can't help but feel that was cause I wouldn't stop mentioning it...I hope I'm just overthinking that.

Past that, there are 3 things that stick out to me.

First, Jeannie is much nicer than I expected her to be from the cast reveal...I thought she'd be one of those manipulative genies (or djinns), but she seems to be the nicest person on her tribe. I really like her. Also, EACH person gets 3 wishes? That's....a lot of potential wishes this season.

Second, this is the first time I really felt Joy's monotone personality people kept bringing up. Before now, I wasn't sure if it was just the situations she was in, but no, she's definitely very subdued. Does that have something to do with the series she's from? It's one of the only series this season I know absolutely nothing about. Kade sick because of Naomi being some sort of killer role? It wouldn't seem like it since she seems as shocked as anybody, but I'm probably not gonna be able to buy her role as Medium until we get some undeniable proof on the matter...or her elimination. Maybe I'll change my tune once I get to know her better though.
Huh. Two people screamed in absolute terror and neither of them were the Youtuber. Color me surprised.

So, they're going to be sleep deprived and want Ollie off the island as fast as humanly possible. The results for tomorrow's challenge seems pretty on the wall for this one.

Btw, TECHNICALLY, don't they just kill you because they stuff you in a suit with lots of razorwire? I don't think he has a suit on him, so I'm not really sure he can kill them. Not that I'm saying they should test that theory.