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Kinda wish Josh would realize that the only chance he has even a *sliver* of a chance of winning this game is by voting out Mele here, followed by Jenny tomorrow. That way, he can put himself at the head of two moves right at the end of the game. Josh's odds of winning against Jeannie aren't great still, but at least then he'd probably be seen as the strongest strategic player left in the game (aside from Ollie, who no one besides Jenny would probably vote for anyways).

That being said, I think this game is pretty much done. One of the girls are winning. I'd actually be happy with any of them winning, but I'm rooting for Jeannie tonight, while expecting her to go home. We'll see soon enough~

Btw, can I have a link to the SFC discord server?
Well, it seems Jenny is officially making it to the final 4. Good for her! Now it comes down to Jeannie or Mele, and I'm PRETTY sure we're gonna be seeing Mele's departure. Either way, it'll be on the paws of our little cat that seems to be having an awfully lot of mental breakdowns lately~
I mean....I sorta have been seeing people give Josh around the same odds to win as Ollie. He's not completely wrong. And it doesn't help that they seem to know it. Or....that they're flaunting it.
And I forgot to comment yesterday! This is certainly a rough road to hoe for Jenny and Jeannie, and it's really hard to see how one of them aren't leaving here. Their only hope is Josh, because like the others said, he's the most likely to do something stupid (although he's in hot water regardless how this goes).
Parmesan was certainly an interesting concept of a character. A two-in-one shapeshifter is something VERY new for this series, and I have to say I'm actually surprised he was executed as well as he was. More-so the shapeshifting not going overboard. That's a power that you'd think would be way overpowered in a setting like survivor, but in a season with literal wishes, along with a character who didn't like abusing their power for evil, it worked out really well! And having them be a 2-in-1 worked out for their individual stories as well~

As for the remaining 5, I'm looking forward to how this finale plays out! It really does seem that we're going to have a girl win this season, and I'd be pretty happy with any of the three remaining. Jeannie as just an insanely enjoyable character (but the type of character that always leaves before the finale), and two girls who played very different games that I respect. There's also Josh, and I like him but....he has a very hard sell to the jury at the end of this game.

Now....let the final episode commence!
Um...I....think Ollie is going home? I want to say? Man, this is a hard vote to predict... Either way it shouldn't be Jenny, because she has her idol, but between Jeannie, Parmesan, and Ollie this is hard. And I'd still not right Jenny off completely with how messy this looks, though it's probably Parm or Ollie.
I like how literally everyone had a different experience with this challenge, as well as different methods to attempt to complete it. However, in the end, Josh is able to run away with it. I actually liked seeing Jenny and Jeannie team up, but now one of them can certainly go home. Really, the only people I feel are safe tonight are Josh (obviously), Mele, and Jenny (because idol). Really curious how this is gonna play out...
You decide to have a tribe trial AFTER you vote off the prosecutor? No wonder it's not going well~
Ya know, I expected this question to pop up about 20 days ago, but I guess it was inevitable to happen sooner or later. What I did forget however is that we have TWO characters that can shapeshift....I think. Jeannie can shapeshift, right? Nonetheless, things just got a lot messier, which works out surprisingly well for Ollie.
Not exactly the lovey dovey date I was expecting, but it's nice for Josh to get a little pick-me-up. I will say though, until Josh basically fixed Raiza's self-loathing, his own self-loathing was basically nonexistent, and not it's at the forefront of a lot of his personality. That being said, my gut actually thinks this is a pretty accurate look into his character.

As for game implications, I get the feeling we're about to see Ollie get blindsided by our little depressed Meowth over here.
Heh, let's go Pikmin challenge in the Pokemon season! Past that, can't say I expected anyone else to win. I also can't say Josh is going to use this reward to help his standing in the game in the slightest, as he's going to choose the only person who's already a lock for him anyways. That being said, I'm not gonna complain about having a date comic between Josh and Raiza. Those are are just adorable together. And I'm sure it'll be more fulfilling than the showmance that was reunited during the family visit~
Well, seems Jenny may be safer than she previously thought. And in turn Jeannie as well.

Also, I was about to say I don't see why they think Josh is so little of a threat, but then again I guess he never made too many friends this season. I mean, he's got Raiza's vote, and.....yeah. That's about it.
Jeannie the ultimate manipulator! Though honestly, fake personality or not, she'd win any jury vote she's a part of, so she's really one of the biggest threats left in the game.
Nice to see some patchwork with the robot, even if patches and metal don't really help much in the end. I expected Kade to go home this TC, but that was MUCH more dramatic than I was expecting! Bravo! I honestly didn't think I'd get the OTT finish for Kade I was looking forward to (last TC was good, but felt off to me for the antagonist finisher), but this TC really did the trick! While Kade might have been divisive for some, I liked him quite a lot as an antagonist. He wasn't needlessly evil, and while things went his way a lot, he didn't feel like the story was shifting in his way for no reason. I can't exactly say I was rooting for him to stay since, ya know, he's the antagonist, but Kade brought a lot to this season, and I'm glad he was here.
Pretty sure this is Kade's finale. Only way he doesn't is if he has BOTH rings, and honestly, I think SWSU is just wanting us to think there's some hidden why Kade survives. He's finished in this game, but he had a good run.
Welp, I somehow forgot to check the comic yesterday. You could kinda see that one coming, but it was amusing nonetheless. If I had to guess, Kade is gonna steal Jeannie's fake ring and wish for her to give him her individual immunity. Either way, I actually do think Kade goes home here.
Yeeeaaah, I figured it'd be Kade getting the bad family news when it was in the episode preview. That's the only way we were gonna learn more about Kade. That being said, it definitely seems Kade had his own father killed by Mr. Totally not a Killer DeKiller. Although I actually believe a lot of the rest of Kade's story, not really knowing how to feel about this and whatnot. Honestly, this makes me really curious if we're going to get in deeper into the story or not. Normally I'd say yes, we would, but Kade's an attorney on national television, he knows better than to bring this up in any more detail. Still, I hope to get at least a little more info into the backstory of Kade Spicer.
So what you're saying is.....

Jeannie's single

Jokes aside, the odds keep getting stacked more and more against Kade and a fair portion of me genuinely thinks his goose is cooked. Pretty much the only way I can see him surviving outside of a miraculous immunity win would be his.... "butler" having something up his sleeves. We'll see how that goes.
"Kade how could you!? How could you turn your back on someone who helped you!?" You're a few weeks behind here Naomi...

On that note, I forgot that Naomi actually had people she knew on the tribe. I guess she still can take advantage of this reunion in a way.