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@Guest: It's an Undertale character. That's all I shall say as of yet~
Well then, I stand corrected. Sierra actually did beat Vinnie in the end. Still, nice to see Vinnie improve his max ranking at least a little in his final trip out here~

This was a very enjoyable season. A good number of votes felt somewhat predictable throughout the season, but it never stopped being enjoyable the whole way through. Still wish Eli made it further, but..... eh, beggars can't be choosers.

Now let's just hope SFC 17 comes out this year! ....and that I finally submit that character I had been talking about all the way back in SFC 16 before too much longer....
And here I thought Jeff would be eating a mega mushroom and running back to shore~

The mushroom genie was a nice touch, but since I don't watch actual Survivor, I understand very little of what was just said. Oh well.

Happy day before finals everyone~
A few highlights...

"At least my bad habits are productive" sounds like the quote of the day to me.

Sierra being chewed out by two jurors I think is a fair amount. And at least T gave her a chance. Could tell she was bombing it though with all that "we" stuff. "A" for effort on Thorne's attempt to help her though. It didn't work, but nice effort....

Vinnie's responses were intelligent, but don't feel like they really helped him with the jury. So pretty much the same as his entire gameplan this season.

And Angelo was absolutely hilarious XD

And with that out of the way, here's how the votes are going down:

Riley: Doris
Brandi: Doris
T: Doris
Bradley: Doris
Damon: Probably Doris. Definitely not Vinnie
Thorne: Sierra
Jr: Vinnie
Angelo: The person who's favorite color is green (Probably Vinnie).
Doris's argument was fair. Sierra's was better than I expected. Not great, but better. Vinnie's feels like he could have lost votes with his, but at least he's doubling down on his strategy this game.

Now, the real fun begins~
Well, someone's losing their life off-camera. Oh well.

Nice to see everyone having confidence. Let's hope that's not too trampled when the jury questions begin to pop up. Doris is probably right that most will be pointed towards the other two, but Vinnie will probably tackle them head-on. Sierra....well, I hope you've worked on your confrontation skills.
@Yumichika Time: And I made my comment before I ever saw yours :p I kinda just assumed I'd be the only person to defend Sierra's actions here~

However, there is one main thing I disagree with you on. I'm still quite certain Vinnie is getting runner up over Sierra. Now, if Doris LOST the tiebreaker, then I think this move gave Sierra at least a shot at winning, but since Doris won it, pretty much every vote Sierra could have earned with this move is going towards Doris anyways. And the two people who are probably the biggest uncertainties among the jurors circumstantially aren't here due to food poisoning....

But my biggest reason, honestly, while I don't know how "edits" work, is because Vinnie's game was shown in too positive of a light compared to Sierra's for Sierra to beat him, even with standing up for herself here and Vinnie being generally hated among the jury. Out of all of the jurors, the only one I think is a real toss-up is Angelo, so he'll probably be the one to keep the runner-ups from tying by voting for Vinnie.

At least, that's my take on the situation.
This was very enjoyable! And although I knew SWSU had been fiddling with Jeff being tricky with the vote reading, he really did get me for a second with the "Doris. Final Vote....." bit. The winner of the season may be extremely obvious now, but this was a very fun comic (especially Bowser Jr. being overjoyed at being the final boss), and I expect the Jury questions to be a treat as well~

Btw, I will say to Sierra's credit, after thinking about it I really do think her best move for this vote was voting for Bowser Jr..... and then Doris *losing* in the tie breaker. I know that keeping Doris in the game gives her NO shot at winning but.....we all know she had no shot the way things was going anyways. And if Sierra had shown that she WAS willing to try to keep Doris in the game, it would have erased a lot of the animosity towards her in this game. Would it have salvaged her game enough to give her the win? Probably not. But she'd be getting more than one vote like she's getting now....
@Slicer & dat4yc: When I'm talking about his "near flawless" game, I mean in the fact that he has gone basically the entire game with being entirely hated, a known threat, and still managed to make it so he's never at the top of the boot order. I'm not really talking about his Jury game.
@Slicer: While Doris would definitely win, it wouldn't be 8-1-0. Thorne would vote for Sierra and Bowser Jr. for Vinnie at minimum. I think a couple others like Angelo could be up in the air as well.

Once again, Doris would still win hands down, just it would be 7-1-1 at the very best, and I can't see SWSU having the vote ending with Vinnie tying with Sierra, so he's getting at least one more vote than that.
Huh, is Sierra going to make another horrible mistake? I mean, her track record for good moves are basically non-existent, but I'd be totally for a tie-breaker against the two favorites, so no complaints here.

Almost a shame if she does for ruining Vinnie's near flawless game, but once again, not complaining~
@rac567: If we're being fair, as Vinnie has already said, quite a few loved ones this season took the bullet intended for their significant other. Doris just happens to be the last one of those left in the game.

Well, actually so is Sierra, but she barely counts because there's no way she can win this game.
PRETTY sure Vinnie chooses the winner here. And he's almost certainly chooses Junior. Doris might be able to get the indecisive Sierra to finally side with her, but.....Doris against a fire-breather in a tie-breaker does not sound like much better odds than 3-1 in the vote, to be honest.

Honestly, I think Vinnie's intentionally giving this game to Junior. He's the replacement for his daughter afterall. We'll see though.
Yeah, should have guessed we'd see Rainbow Road at some point this season. It was a good way of ending their journey. This time is always bittersweet, as we come to the end of the season, but it's doubly so when we're in an All Star season, because we know that we'll never see most of these characters again. I'm going to miss a good few of them....

And still gonna hope against all odds that Eli comes back for a third round some day.
Well, Doris pretty much has to lose here for the final three to have any real tension. Doris would dominate the Jury if she makes it, while Bowser Jr making it keeps things tense with Vinnie (Sorry Sierra. In a final 3 you could have a conceivable chance against Vinnie, but you have absolutely no shot in a final 3). So I'm pretty sure it's going to end up like that. Sorta hope I'm wrong and we see Sierra leave.....somehow.
Huh, that's an interesting similarity to Taro you mentioned. Still, it wouldn't have bothered me nearly as much if Riley won just because it was the world feeling like it was shifting for Taro's favor more than Taro himself I had a problem with. So it's sad to see Riley go, but not altogether surprising. Although I'm surprised he didn't vote for the person who lied to him instead of the one who mildly insulted him.

Also, I'm not entirely understanding Sierra's hatred towards Doris still. Vinnie is the one who verbally insulted her at Tribal. And there's still no reason why Sierra has a legitimate reason to be mad at her (no matter how emotional she's being, Vinnie and Bowser Jr. lied to her much more directly than whatever she's claiming Doris did). I'm just saying this because, even if SHE chose not to be the swing vote by voting for the person with the idol, there wasn't a reason to change Kopeii's vote.

.....Or at least, that's what I'd like to say. TECHNICALLY the way the vote could have gone down was Doris changing her vote to Sierra, since Kopeii made it extremely obvious he was voting for her, then playing her idol on Kopeii since there was no way they'd waste their votes on her, causing Sierra to leave in a 2-2-1 vote with one of the 2's being idoled. So technically Sierra's move would have eliminated Doris if she chose to go on the offensive against Sierra, but.....there is NO way Sierra was smart enough to think that far I really don't know why she did it.
A little bit of Riley's funeral wraps up the pre-TC preparations~ A lot of people are saying Riley goes home here, and he PROBABLY does, but......Kopeii can end up doing anything. We'll see what happens.

Past that, doesn't make much since for Sierra to vote Doris just because she can. That's basically just an indirect vote to Riley at this point.
Yeah....Doris or Riley really had to win if they wanted to make this an easy round for themselves.

That being said, everyone's writing off Riley already, and while I don't really blame's too early for that. Kopeii at the very least will make this TC....interesting. Maybe get himself ejected. Maybe vote Vinnie in spite for lying to him about the venison. Dunno. We'll soon find out though....

I mean, she can't be THAT mad at Riley if that's her approach of getting him away from her.

Past that, if no one can get through to Sierra, then that's to Doris's and Riley's favor. Doris still has her idol, and she HAS to play it this round. So it will be pretty hard for Vinnie and Jr to work this out without her.
....Sierra better be over this by the next day. I mean, I actually do somewhat understand her point on this being the last time she gets to spend with her sister, but.....she has NO right to be made at Riley and Doris.... Vinnie and Bowser Jr maybe, but not them too.

And that was a nice pep-talk session for Riley. Even Vinnie joined in. Now let's see if that pep-talk works for Kopeii as well....