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@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Tbf, the only person Frysk has talked down on is his former self, while for Kitsune, that was.....most definitely not the case. Not gonna say he's in the right for what he's saying to E.T. at this time, but it's a bit different to think you're better than your past self than to think you're better than the people around you.
@RedBeryl: I mean, you can tell he's being led around by that thing on his arm. It's the same one he said has led him to make several other choices so far.

In other words, he's not experiencing random deus-ex-machinas, he's just wearing one on his arm :p
@vanilladream: Honestly it was harder for me to believe it continued after the finale. I read 2 and a half seasons between 17's finale and the Reunion, so it felt REALLY weird to be back. Not that I'm complaining~
Poor poor skippy....

who's going to go get his corpse?

Also everyone loves Jeannie and she's great~
And the reunion has begun! A lot of fun so far, and I'm glad we knocked the elephants out of the room first with Jenny's FTC and Josh's comment. Not to mention the most important question, Ollie's chainsaw arms~
@SWSU-Master:"Slash went because I had no story arc for him."

Don't worry, that'll change.....

in the F U T R U E ! ! !
And we have finished! And now that the comic is over, it's finally time for me to go on my rant about that horrible nosedive that occured at what I thought I'd be saying. However, I talked with Jenny's owner, and apparently he felt this was pretty in character for her. Also, quite a few people have brought up foreshadowings of Jenny's unease of human interaction, so I've cooled off quite a bit.

Personally, I didn't really care for Ollie. I didn't really dislike him, but I don't care for him much for a winner....that being said, his winner story is kinda amazing. And this season was absolutely fantastic! Almost every character, even the canon fodder ones, brought something interesting to the table. Jenny was great, and completely made this season. Literally in some respects. The concepts of bringing back Slash and his growth and a character was a really cool idea, and made him one of my favorites this season. Jeannie was just awesome as well.

There are three things in particular I'm very happy about with this season though. The first is actually Kade. There seems to be a habit with SFC villains where they often feel invincible until they're not. They run the game completely perfectly until they make a single misstep costing them the game. What I appreciated about Kade was that he very rarely felt "invincible." Kade's plans and actions were flawed, even if just by a bit, and it showed in himself and how people reacted around him.

The second thing I appreciated was the willingness to let magic and powers dictate the game in more ways than just "helps in challenges" or "the big bad abuses op power." It really felt like a story of survivor that could only be done in fiction, and I really appreciate that, and I've been wanting to see more of that in this comic for some time.

The third was SWSU willing to spend so much time on things that had less of an impact on the game itself, be it just fun strips of the characters goofing off (like the awesome Pokemon battle!), or more serious things like character depression and relationships. It really makes the characters feel more real, and I hope we continue to see things along this vein in the future.

This was another great season SWSU, and I can't wait to see what you've got in store next time~
I'll be honest....Ollie winning this season (which is what it's looking like, given this FTC) just Especially given how it's happening. I mean, this has been one of the most entertaining FTCs I can remember, but...well, I'll go into it tomorrow (assuming Ollie wins), but it feels strange for the comic to be acting like Ollie's winning off of his own merits when in actuality Ollie's winning because Jenny apparently dove off a cliff and slammed her head on some rocks, losing 80% of her brain cells before TC.
Geez, these jury questions feel like I'm watching 3 jets race to see which one can nosedive into the earth the fast in a spectacular explosion. Currently, it seems Josh is probably going to impact first.

As of now, it seems like the votes are going
Jeannie: Probably Ollie? Maybe Jenny
Slash: Jenny (she bombed his question, but it seems even less likely he'd vote for the others)
Raiza: Josh, duh.
Derek: Jenny, duh.
Parmesan: Probably Jenny. Ollie came close though.

And the remainders:
CutieCat: Not Jenny. Probably Ollie.
Mele: Ollie?
Kade: Jenny or Ollie.

Honestly, it's a tough call, but I'm gonna say I want Jenny to win, but it feels like it's gearing up for Ollie's win.
.....huh.... Those were some terrible jury speeches. Ollie's was just "I'm better than you all so vote for me," Jenny was "I'm the good girl" while trying to be snobby towards Josh and blatantly lying about not betraying CutieCat, And Josh's....honestly wasn't that bad, but wasn't helped by everyone cutting in, or with his "vote for the best game and not who needs the money" bit.

These jury questions are gonna be juicy :)

Well, I don't blame a Meowth for trying. That being said, I give this game pretty solidly to Jenny still. Josh hasn't played a bag game, but it still doesn't look as good as Jenny's, and....most of the people on the jury....don't really know him? And Ollie's not gonna lose because people see him as a joke, it's going to be because people don't like him as a "person." Jenny hasn't played a spotless game, but she balances the two aspects the best out of not only anyone in the final 3, but pretty much anyone who made the merge besides Derek.
And the Ultimate Fire Dancer has left the building! As a Danganronpa fan, I'm glad to see a character make it this far, and I just really enjoyed Mele's character overall, even if her snark got rather rude in the last few days of this game.

However, we are now at the final 3 competitors in this game! I'm rooting for Jenny, but I hope Josh gets his due at TC as well. He deserves it more than he gives himself credit for, but it's hard to see with how much he puts himself down all the time.
This is *probably* Mele's time to go, even though I'd prefer for it to be Ollie. Mele's just the smartest person to eliminate here.

And as a side note, I appreciate Ollie's honesty about the tie vote with Mele, because that's where I was thinking this episode was maybe drawing itself towards if Jenny and Mele didn't win immunity. But alas, that outcome is just not meant to be.
And Jenny has probably just won the game! She needed this win so badly as well. I was actually thrown off as to why Jenny wasn't putting Alakazam on the board as well, until I went back to the start of the comic to reread the rules.

Now the question is, who will be joining her? I'm sure Mele seem like the obvious final juror here, but I could see Jenny taking Ollie out as well, mostly due to how he's treated her this game. And while Josh is the least likely, I wouldn't say he's entirely safe here either.
Fallen Comrades Ahoy!

Charity: Kinda wish we saw more of her. Oh well.

Naomi: I've actually wanted a contestant who was significantly influential outside of the game for quite a while now, so Naomi was a character I quite loved this season!

Amadeus: To be fair, he was also very influential after his departure, for Raiza anyways. I like Pikmin, but man he was broken.

Joy: I liked her gimmick, but I wish I knew her source to understand it better.

Quickscope: I'm glad you didn't stay any longer

Nezumi: To be fair, she was voted out because her teammates were stupid. In a way, that's still sorta her fault though.

Lester: Also to be fair, being eliminated due to a ghost of a former tribemate is pretty unconventional. Not that I'm complaining.

Tony: Also glad he left no later than he did.

Jahira: I actually liked her for someone of her trope. Was nice seeing her attempt to dial things down, even if it didn't always work.

Slash: I really liked what you did with Slash this season, and it was great seeing his growth and place in the game.

CutieCat: She was nice, growth came a bit late to do much with though.

Raiza: She was fun. Glad we got some times with her and Josh before her departure.

Derek: Made it further and with a more positive record than I was probably guessing. Winners pick falling short or not, he did quite well.

Kade: I really liked Kade as a villain. He really played his heart out, and wasn't perfect. He played his role well.

Parmesan & Alfredo: I really liked the gimmick these two ran with, and it worked right up until the end.

Jeannie: And of course, the queen couldn't make the finals. I loved Jeannie. Too bad it just wasn't meant to be.

And with that....GO JENNY!
I don't see how I forgot yesterday's comic, but I'll just give my thoughts for the previous comic here.....JEANNIE'S IDOL PLAY GOT ME SO GOOD! I cackled so hard when I saw her play it! was fake, but I still loved it! Jeannie was the best~

But now we're gone, and we're at the final 4. Can't say I honestly thought both Jenny and Ollie to make it this far. Figured one of them would be the death of the other by this point. Same for Mele. I love that we got a Danganronpa character this far into thing, and despite her largely negative attitude, I still quite like her. Josh....I'm less surprised by, and I enjoy him as well, but I wish he'd get completely out of his slump.

Anyways, with my thoughts on these four out of the way, it's time to remember the other 16 players who brought us to this point!
Welp, I forgot the check the comic on the perfect days, don't I? I'll post my thoughts on tomorrow's comic since....well, it's already up, but I'll just say Jeannie got me good with that idol, and I'm sad to see her gone.
@Slicer : Oh, I only use this side for this one comic and I don't really remember to check PMs ever because I don't see any sort of pop-ups for I probably got it but never noticed. Thanks anyways!
Kinda wish Josh would realize that the only chance he has even a *sliver* of a chance of winning this game is by voting out Mele here, followed by Jenny tomorrow. That way, he can put himself at the head of two moves right at the end of the game. Josh's odds of winning against Jeannie aren't great still, but at least then he'd probably be seen as the strongest strategic player left in the game (aside from Ollie, who no one besides Jenny would probably vote for anyways).

That being said, I think this game is pretty much done. One of the girls are winning. I'd actually be happy with any of them winning, but I'm rooting for Jeannie tonight, while expecting her to go home. We'll see soon enough~

Btw, can I have a link to the SFC discord server?