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@Guest: I know, I said "targeted," not "eliminated" :p
Wow....huh, I guess this just happened. Maybe it's because I don't see any series like this but...well, this one, but I didn't even know this *could* happen. Neat! Can't say I saw this coming~

Also, I've kinda realized this season's theme is "when everyone's overpowered, no one is!" which is a pretty interesting way to go about things.

Looking at the dynamics, it seems on the new Bulu tribe Kade/Jeannie is gonna be the split vote, since I highly doubt Jenny and Derek can work together long enough to take Kade out. As for the new Koko tribe, it'll either be Ollie or Parmesan targeted. Unless Parmesan turns into Jenny to get Ollie's vote, which.... could happen. In which case Raiza leaves.

And as for CutieCat....I guess it's V-log time?
Yeeeaah, gotta side with Jenny here. Ollie is fun as he is, but any smarter and he'd be a more ways than one.

That being said, current Ollie is still great~
I absolutely love Naomi in this game. I've always wanted a character who would stay relevant in the game after their departure (even if just in a minor way) and Naomi is filling that role beautifully~

Also, I'm surprised that Parmesan is a character who I'm not rooting for his immediate departure at this point. I was sure a shapeshifting character making it to the merge would be a nightmare scenario at the start of this game, but Parm and ghost bro are actually quite enjoyable. And Jeannie is great as always~

As for CeCe....she....doesn't seem to be taking this well. At all.
Well, this was an interesting tribal, and I'm surprisingly pretty happy with the result. Jahira was definitely one of my favorite loud angry female characters in SFC history, but that's not exactly a category that's difficult to top for me. And this tribal, even if she left due to "luck," she sorta spiraled down to her doom here regardless. She made pretty much everyone on her own alliance dislike her, particularly her closest ally RIGHT before her departure, got spite-rejected by OLLIE of all people, and, really, kinda asked for this to happen. All in all, I think this whole "basically everyone used their wishes" thing was a tad ham-fisted, but I'm pretty satisfied with it, and I'm very happy with the result.
Well....regardless what happens, it seems that Parmesan's little friend is going to get the final say. It actually seems like this wish may not go the way Kade is hoping, although he won't be going home regardless.

My biggest fear tonight would be that Slash is going home, but given the circumstances it seems Parmesan will probably keep everyone on that side of this game safe On the other side it seems that Jenny is safe, but it's otherwise fair game. I'm hoping it's not Raiza or Josh, but I think that's actually fairly likely at this point. we even know if Kade is telling the truth that he used his second wish already? I hope that in itself isn't a lie. Also....I wonder if Jenny falling off the rock (wall) was a foreshadowing of her unluckiness with rocks to come?

Past that, it would seem that Kade's plan is pretty efficient in causing chaos, but....depending on the wish, I don't think Kade can entirely stop people from messing him over with the ring. "I wish all previous wishes were negated and that no one besides Jeannie can use this ring anymore this game" seems like it would end this little charade quite efficiently.
Well, this isn't how this vote is ending. It would end with Kade having no way to save himself besides trusting on an entire tribe not to waver, and that certainly isn't happening. Perhaps immunity will be a bit more telling.
.....Yes Jenny? I'm waiting? Please, I've kept up with this series for years, I'd seriously appreciate it.
Well, Derek is attempting to do something he'll regret. Something he'll get over eventually if his words are anything to go by, but still. It seems it's going to come down to what happens on the reward for how this turns out in the long run.
Whoo~ Pokemon Puzzle League! Although I have to say, should the Pokemon dex number really help anyone who doesn't know every Pokemon already by heart? ....or within a databank?

Past that, Josh's picks are honestly fairly reasonable. Derek may not be happy, but taking one from each alliance makes sense. Kinda surprised he didn't take Mele, but he took one from each for networking, and Slash was definitely a better pick than Jenny.

Also, you may not be a serial killer Kade, but you are one scary ninja.
@Guest: I mean, it's usually important to be able to communicate with your teammates.

....okay, I said USUALLY. It probably would have helped Quickscope if he stayed muted...
XD I laughed out loud at least 4 times this comic...

First, Jeannie is AMAZING! Always considerate of those around her, she's always fun, she's always right, and her reactions are just great.

Second, I officially take back a shapeshifter being innately broken in this game. A GOOD shapeshifter would be broken in this game. A bad shapeshifter is just fun to watch.
I mean....Kade's not wrong. If he were to leave, Josh's and Raiza's loyalty is completely up in the air. Past that, I'm surprised it has taken so long for Parmesan to use his broken espionage ability for actual espionage. He's used it so sparingly I sorta don't even mind, but we'll see where this goes...

This comic was stupid.

And I'm happy because of it.

Raiza's a nice kitty when she's not trying to maim herself.
@DrMarble: How could it have taken the lives of 19.99 of your family members? I don't think that adds up....
"I want to play this game on the hardest difficulty"

Well, that won't be hard with only one partner and an idol against 12 at the merge....

*Backstabs only willing ally, wasting the idol in the progress*

12 to 1 at the merge with no idol....alright, I stand corrected. NOW it's the hardest difficulty. Well done!

As for the vote, the result was what I predicted, but not the way it happened. Josh was almost certainly going to have the final word against Tony, but I didn't expect Kade to be the final nail in his coffin. Can't say I'm particularly disappointed with this result, I don't think there's a single person I wanted to see gone more, although Kade will certainly be the bigger pain of the two moving forward. Speaking of which... it would seem Kade's going to be pulling some shenanigans with the next vote. I'm curious, and somewhat scared, for what that's going to entail~
It's....interesting that Mele is with the girls for the second discussion. I don't know why they'd be saying this stuff in front of her. That being said....this vote looks like a mess. So, Josh and Kade are *presumably* voting Jahira. Cutie, Jenny, Ollie, Jahira, Parmesan, and maybe Mele are voting Jeannie. Derek and Slash are voting Tony. And Raiza and Josh are voting either Jahira, or Kade and Tony respectively. I'm assuming it's the latter.

If that's the case, the vote would end
Jeannie- 6
Tony- 3
Kade- 1

If Kade convinces Tony not to play the idol, Jeannie leaves. If he does, then depending on other circumstances (Mele, Raiza voting Tony instead, Josh and Raiza voting Jahira), then Tony or Jahira goes home.

I'm putting my bet on Tony, and I'm REALLY hoping it's not Jeannie. there one more comic before TC? Or is this the final one?

Also, we'll see if Josh is willing to go through with this or not. Josh hates Tony, but he loves Raiza, sooooo......

Edit: Although, now that I think about it, if Josh DOESN'T vote with them, Tony will be voted out due to a Josh blindside. Yeah, on second thought, this is almost certainly what's happening.
@Guest: All I meant was that technically there's nothing stopping anyone else from piloting the Ex Machina.

And the Frozen parody is Mele and Jeannie's song:

Don't let go~
Don't let go~
Keep holdin for so lo-o-ong.
Don't let go~
Don't let go-o~
Turn around, and hold the mon!
I. Don't. Care. What they're going. To. Weigh.
Keep the Bons-ly up!
The pain never bothered us anyway~