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I can tell only one thing here,I am a fan of the Megaman series.

(This account is supposed to be Megadudex9000 but I can't log in that account so I made another one which is the one you are looking at now :( )
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What the heck is up with Knuckles?
0_0...that is really cruel...did they eat them or just keep battering them up?
@Sagat the Tiger:Lets see if he is really gonna kill him
Nice information there but what does the male Raiorians can do special.(like females Raiorains can teleport as it says here)
Edit:don't bother reading this comment,just look at 3 laws of robotic wiki instead if you what to know what I really mean.

The 3 laws of robotics is mostly a program that makes robots can't harm humans except in some certain extreme situations but mostly it make robots harmless for humans to be a safe trustworthy(kind of)machine to be accepted in public.they are like tools to serve humankind and the robotic law defines that like a tool should be for good purposes instead of a killing weapon(ex:a saw is is suppose used to cut like trees and others but not to be a weapon like in GTA)but sometimes a robot even with the program still can harm humans for good like to save a greater number of good or for the right thing.Megaman tried to kill Wily but he said about the programing but Megaman refused to not kill Wily because he knew that Wily still do the terrible deeds that he will never stop so he had to stop it by eliminating Wily for the good(he said ''I'M MRE THAN A ROBOT,DIE WILY!!!''probally he is pissed of but he tired to do the right thing.a\A robot sometimes need to break it rather than doing nothing because that situation could get worst if the robot doesn't do anything to stop the bad situation like robbery.And maverick is a bad robot probably because it harmed a human...well not really,only a real robot is maverick when it wants or it just harms a part or more of humanity.So robots can harm humans if they are bad or about to.Or i should say it makes robots go easy on humans like a good behavior otherwise it is a bad behaved robot with humans.However reploids aren't programed but knows and learned it like a behavior rather than a programing(robots can kinda defy programmings).And last thing about the 3 laws of robotics is that it is similar to a good human behavior.
...what a long comment I made...KILL W NOW!!!(or stop him with pain or not if possible)
EDIT:I made this with a big help of the 3 laws of robotics wiki
Sonic generations already
Finally the comic can continue!
YEAH!!! we have to wait for that time?
HAPPY BIRTHDA-I hate coconuts!!!
It was a fun ride...I should of commented this comic a long time ago.