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I am interested in fantasy, adventure and BLGT romance.
i think you're work is amazing :) I am invested to see this to the end.
This is really nice. Taking care of the self is important.
This is an interesting start :)
April 22nd, 2016
this looks nice :)
January 14th, 2016
This looks cool :)
December 18th, 2014
This looks awesome :)
Hi this is a really nice page. I think Archie is an interesting guy and his tattoos are really cool
This is very exciting i can't wait to see how this will all unfold.
September 22nd, 2013
It is nice to see Teddy and Drake getting along. Just wondering does becoming a vampire alter their personality in Hurrocks Fardel. Because in several movies and tv shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Vampire Diaries the vampires goes through a sudden change in personality from their human selves.
Why can't my cat be like Ramsay? this is really good art.
Hi and thank you for replying to my comment. Just another question if its alright, in some stories there are demigods like in Hercules and Cu Chulainn. Is it possible in Hurrocks Fardel for the gods or the archetypes to conceive such children? Also this is a nice picture.
This is a question that has been bugging me for a while and it's not related to this scene, but do angels still exist in this time? Oh and this is great work.
This drawing is just a sketch to show what to expect in my upcoming story "Anthem of the Dragods" I'm still working to improve my own artistic skills if that's the right term, and I'm looking for anyone to work me.
Is this the past or present?
I think that kid has four arms.