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I enjoy soccer, paintball, video games, anime, manga, and I'm currently a U.S.Army Paratrooper stationed overseas in Korea.
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Gar, take a look on here and a look around you: You have family, friends, and fans who adore you and your work. Sure, life is hard and all (trust me i know, i just came back from Afghanistan three days ago) but you'll get through this slump with the loving devotion you deserve from those who know you. So please, cheer up. :) (Also, just as an update, there is no more Mrs. Minikeno anymore)
Word Games
Here's another phrase you can use but I do not recommend trying it or asking questions on how it came about in conversation : Testicular Homicide. As for Keno and Poe, lets just say their intellectual genius is showing at the current time :D And they're cute kitties!
What Neko doesn't realize, that's exactly what Macey did to him with Keno :P
Am I the only one who has noticed that there's a pistol hanging from the cabinet in the 2nd frame?
Animated Gifs
@Neogeo(Guest) : There are some animated gifs in this comic but you have to realize how much work is put into those and sometimes the artists dont have that type of time.
Because Gar is a dog person, not a cat person. And cats hate dog people.
Poor Keno....he's keep on being harassed by Gar. Also, you don't always have to get her drunk to get her goodies ;) And I see several bummies in this one!
*Kersplods from cuteness overload*
Where's bummy? *Searches for him*
I just imagined Neko going " Mew " in that last panel LOL
Anyone else notice that there was no photo in the last panel?
Death is Jewish? Or part of a fraternity?
Once again, a comic with no title. O.o And I like my murphy extra crispy
Fat Murphy
Murphy is NOT fat! His fur is just over poofy.
Is that a Bummy Grenade!? I WANT ONE!!
No bummy in this one?
I...thought Keno was more agile then that. Also it seems like Keno is the bottom kitty.
I dont even know what the word means but Gar, once again you've outdone yourself.
he doesnt draw cat sex scenes but he sure does love talking about em.
Dawning of Realization
Ahhh okay.....i seemed to of forgotten about those wonderful past comics of your demented mind Gar. :) Thanks for the refresher.